Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Law and Order: Assistant DA Competition

NBC's long running law drama series Law and Order has had a number of intriguing Assistant DAs backing the prosecution over the shows twenty years. Which of them did we like best? Let us ponder the possibilities:

Richard Brooks in the role of Paul Robinette.

This guy held no interest for me when I first watched the show. Well, in truth I did not watch the show when it was Moriarity, Brooks, Sorvino and Noth. Nothing personal, just didn't look all that interesting to me.  Going back now that I am a hooked Law and Order guy, I love Paul Robinette. This guy, whether in his acting or the way the part was written for him, or both, but this guy was one smart lawyer. Way quicker than Moriarity's Ben Stone. I loved the guy.

Jill Hennessy as Claire Kincaid

You gotta love Claire Kincaid.

Carey Lowell as Jamie Ross.

For quite some time those dull eyes and the flat delivery left me wondering why life sometimes seemed so unfair, but I eventually warmed up to her... some.

Angie Harmon as Assistant District Attorney Abbie Carmichael

Woah. Abbie Carmichael was amazing. Okay, this was when I first started watching the show, and you've got to admit, this was a pretty good reason. My lord, that hair, that sharp delivery, that rascally smile... I loved her.

Elisabeth Röhm as Assistant District Attorney Serena Southerlyn

Elizabeth Röhm played the very bright Serena Southerlyn, and brought a decidedly comic aspect to the role. I couldn't figure out if they wrote her this way or if it was just her delivery.  She consistently displayed no common feelings whatsoever with the characters she was interacting with. Gruff, tough, and dumb as a brick. Often times they would cut away to her when Jack was giving his super summary, just as they had for years before with Claire, Jamie and Abbie, but this time the consistent "Dear in the headlights" look about her just made me laugh. And yeah, I meant to spell it that way. Does she get what is going on?  This is a murder trial, isn't it?  Is she following the argument?  In a word... no.  Never liked her. And that last minute throw in: "Oh, by the way, my character is a homosexual, and has been for the past four years, just nobody ever noticed." Okay, well in that case, why tell me about it now? Forget it.

Annie Parisse as Assistant District Attorney Alexandra Borgia

I really liked this ADA. Don't know exactly why.

Alana de la Garza as Assistant District Attorney Connie Rubirosa

Yeah, well... naah.  She wasn't helped by that dingbat she was working with. That was a fair amount of water she was carrying for the bat wielding, moral compass lacking, trite Executive ADA Michael Cutter.  Even if she could have managed to cut loose from Cutter, she still would have needed a little something.

Okay, there they are. Which would you pick as the top ADA? And which do you think I picked? Get both answers right and you could win a gold star. I know, I've been away for a long time, and you don't think I will come through with the prize. Yeah, well, this little rodeo is up for grabs.   I'm pulling for ya!

Darrell's Gold Star bonus!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Obama, Fellow Gun Nuts Have No Care For A Free People

Bringing this point home is blog fav George Jonas:
Strictly speaking, no one "needs" anything but a breath of air, a cup of water and a bowl of rice. The rest are individual choices we make as free human beings, if that's what we are, instead of wards of the state. Liberty means not having to answer, explain, or justify, any of our choices to anyone.

Why does anyone need a military assault rifle? I've no idea. I certainly don't, but at one time I owned six motorcycles (and knew people who owned 20). I would have had no trouble explaining why I needed them, but would have highly resented having to do so. Just yesterday, I heard of a person who owns nine cats. She keeps them in her apartment, and doesn't have to justify to me why she needs them. And if city hall thinks she does, city hall is wrong.

Whether people collect cats, rifles, motorcycles, travel experiences or books, in a free country their "need" is fully justified by their "want." End of story.

But in fact guns are easier to justify than motorcycles or cats.

Guns protect. We buy them as taxpayers for our politicians' bodyguards. As long as we don't buy them for our own protection, few politicians object.

The basic hypocricy is Biden wants to be protected, and he has people around him with guns to protect him. The president wants to be protected. Even comedian and former celebrity Rosie O'Donnell wants to be protected. They all want guns for their own protection. I have no problem with that. They desire to be protected and they should be protected. But they don't trust you to protect yourself or your loved ones.

Well, this is about as eloquent as I can make it: To hell with those a-holes.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Just spent fifteen minutes catching up on The Hyacinth Girl. That girl is good for my insides. Loved, loved, loved the post on her keyboard. That's right, a post was written entirely devoted to the arrival of a new keyboard... apparently one that is easily portable. She titled it "Ha!"

: )

That girl kills me! What would I do, what would I do, without the Hyacinth Girl? Anyway, check it all out.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Piers Morgan is a thickly Stupid Man

Hee - haw... hee - haw!
Being from across the sea and not having any historical experience of having to deal with a government that doesn't allow you representation when it decides what to do with you, it is understandable one would have no appreciation for the idea of leaving power in the hands of the people. Nevertheless, we do have friends from across the sea, and we know it is possible for them to at least sense that our cultural past is relevant to us today. Not so for this stupid little twit of a man, who not only is ignorant of the political issue, but deems himself justified in insulting the guests he invites onto his show, ostensibly to have this very discussion:
Mr. Pratt was making the argument that what America needed was more guns, not fewer...
Unable to demonstrate the patience to allow his guest to make his point, Mr. Morgan erupted:
“You’re an unbelievably stupid man, aren’t you?” Mr. Morgan said.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Way of the Buffalo

The Hyacinth Girl has been writing some thoughtful pieces. Here's a touch of her latest:
“Man card” posturing and self-proclaimed beta male status may seem polar opposites, but they are two sides of the same coin. We (culturally speaking) have assimilated the often contradictory but ultimately damaging definition of masculinity proffered by the modern feminist movement, thereby relegating men to either second-class citizens (beta male) or senseless brutes ruled by their basest desires. I don’t think men as a whole fit into either category. I think they’re more interesting than that.
The "man card" is the humorous notion that there are certain activities that "qualify" one as a man, and if found lacking or in breach of conduct one's membership card in the club of manliness can be revoked. It's a young man's joshing and taunting exercise, and it underscores a certain shallowness to the perception of maleness. The combination of political correctness and the ever increasing efforts to marginalize masculine traits have been the tools used to diminish men in our society. This has been ostensibly done to elevate women, but the result is not quite what was intended: a twisted society that is detrimental to both the men and women living in it. April has written an excellent piece on it. Now stop wasting time. Get over there and read it!