Saturday, January 12, 2013

Obama, Fellow Gun Nuts Have No Care For A Free People

Bringing this point home is blog fav George Jonas:
Strictly speaking, no one "needs" anything but a breath of air, a cup of water and a bowl of rice. The rest are individual choices we make as free human beings, if that's what we are, instead of wards of the state. Liberty means not having to answer, explain, or justify, any of our choices to anyone.

Why does anyone need a military assault rifle? I've no idea. I certainly don't, but at one time I owned six motorcycles (and knew people who owned 20). I would have had no trouble explaining why I needed them, but would have highly resented having to do so. Just yesterday, I heard of a person who owns nine cats. She keeps them in her apartment, and doesn't have to justify to me why she needs them. And if city hall thinks she does, city hall is wrong.

Whether people collect cats, rifles, motorcycles, travel experiences or books, in a free country their "need" is fully justified by their "want." End of story.

But in fact guns are easier to justify than motorcycles or cats.

Guns protect. We buy them as taxpayers for our politicians' bodyguards. As long as we don't buy them for our own protection, few politicians object.

The basic hypocricy is Biden wants to be protected, and he has people around him with guns to protect him. The president wants to be protected. Even comedian and former celebrity Rosie O'Donnell wants to be protected. They all want guns for their own protection. I have no problem with that. They desire to be protected and they should be protected. But they don't trust you to protect yourself or your loved ones.

Well, this is about as eloquent as I can make it: To hell with those a-holes.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Just spent fifteen minutes catching up on The Hyacinth Girl. That girl is good for my insides. Loved, loved, loved the post on her keyboard. That's right, a post was written entirely devoted to the arrival of a new keyboard... apparently one that is easily portable. She titled it "Ha!"

: )

That girl kills me! What would I do, what would I do, without the Hyacinth Girl? Anyway, check it all out.