Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A&E's 'Pride and Prejudice' Open Thread

Come join us for a full discussion over at the Movie Club!


  1. Good grief, I got a little lost! Movie Club is it's own blog!

    It feels very... grown up.


  2. Yes, well, I'm not quite done making up all the posts from the movies we've seen, but I'm working on it!

  3. Does the Movie Club have rules?
    Can we talk about it? If this is our first night at the MOVIE CLUB, do we HAVE to review?
    Must we take off our shirts and shoes? If somebody yells "STOP!" or goes limp, is the review over?

  4. Excellent idea to make Movie Club a separate blog.
    We've just watched P&P - did I tell you Jane Austen is my day job now? - so I shall be over there to report back soon.
    With my shoes on.
    And I will get back to you on Possession, Darrell, I promise!

  5. Good thinking Darrell...yes, what are the rules? What if you've seen the movie but not THAT particular version? What if you're giving away your secret age by saying 'I loved Greer Garson' in P&P?

  6. If James wasn't so mean, Astrid, you could just click the play arrow instead of copying and pasting the link.

    Fun Fact: Greer Garson is the reason for the time limit on Oscar acceptance speeches for her 5 and 1/2 minute speech for Mrs. Miniver.

  7. The idea of Movie Club is to share movies that you have enjoyed with others, to have a chance to talk about them, say what it was you liked about it, what the story meant to you and so forth. It is not a technical critique of movies. For that you cannot do much better than Matthew Coniam's Movietone News, of the less famous but still delightful Movietone Cameos. Darrell likes to tease me because he believes "the rules" too limiting, but it is not rules so much as suggestions or guides. You think of a movie that you enjoyed, you share it with your friends, everyone watches it and then shares what they enjoyed about it. For me, if it is not a movie I naturally would take to I try to see what it is that someone else enjoyed about it, and every time that is enough to make the whole of it worthwhile. It's pretty great, really, because we have some great folks to share them with. The only thing I try to keep in mind is that someone suggested the movie to share because they enjoyed it. I'm sure that is all the guide you would need.

    You can ease back in your chair. Blankets are good fun. Definitely bring drinks and snacks. But shoes and shirts - yes, please keep them on. This is a public forum, Darrell. And no, I will not pull your finger!

  8. I was referencing Fight Club and its rules, James. Which we haven't covered, btw.
    I pretty much assume that the first two rules about MOVIE CLUB are to talk about MOVIE CLUB.

    Now if they only made a popcorn popper that was powered by the USB port. . .