Thursday, July 1, 2010

Obama Tells Nation Straighten Up

President Barrack Obama leans in to straighten the tie of Mort Zuckerman, former editor and current Chief Executive Officer of US News and World Report, who seems delighted for the uninvited intrusion into his personal space.

Obi isn't doing you any favors by leaning in to straighten your tie, Mort. He is displaying his sense of superiority.

Could I lean in and straighten the President's tie for him? No? Well then, keep your hands off.


  1. Good Night! I wouldn't even do that to someone I know; certainly not in public.

    Who/what *is* this fellow?

  2. ... of couse, there was W and his stupid nicknames ... and worse, his giving shoulder-massages to other heads of state.

  3. This is something else, Ilion. This is not reaching out in friendship. This is pointing out your error, your need of his correction.

    Well, I don't need his correction, and though Mort may not realize it, he doesn't need it either.