Wednesday, July 18, 2012

AFL-CIO Dirtball Trumka Presses Politicos

AFL's Trumka demands new era of American servitude.
Setting a new low for Orwellian newspeak, AFL-CIO union chief Richard Trumka mouthed off about what an unfair world it is, asserting it is high time the unions joined with the government to ensure our basic human freedoms be dismissed. He did this, of course, while clamoring for his so-called second bill of rights.
He outlined five main tenets of his second bill of rights, which, in addition to the "right to full employment and a living wage," and "the right to a secure and healthy future," also includes the "right to full participation in the electoral process," the "right to a quality education"; and the "right to a voice at work."
A right to full employment?! Who will guarantee that? Not Mr. Trumka. No, he will pass that burden off onto someone else, which is the problem with all of his demands. What Mr. Trumka professes to be rights are really just wishes, and to borrow a phrase from Walter E. Williams, since there is no Tooth Fairy or Santa Claus to provide them, that means Trumka's burden falls to you and me.

The Bill of Rights is the term given to the first ten amendments to the constitution, amendments which defined the limits of the power of the Federal government, and which guaranteed the freedom of the states and the individual citizens. These amendments had been discussed at length during the ratification process, and have no doubt, without the promise of their passage the constitution would not have been ratified. The newly independent colonies would have remained thirteen separate states.
“Republicans and Democrats need to hear what people are saying, and to break through the gridlock and the attacks on the rights of workers at all levels of the government. We want to hold all the leadership positions, hold everyone in leadership positions and that includes private and both public sectors, accountable to the American people.”
They already are accountable to the American people, asshole.

Meanwhile, Trumka tried to downplay the fact that his “movement” has a limited following: union people and all others adverse to and an enemy of the freedoms guaranteed to all American citizens under the US Constitution.
“This is not a union bill of rights. And our campaign and our rally on August 11 is not just for union members,” said Trumka. “Are you with us? Are you with the Second Bill of Rights?”
No, we are not. We support of the first Bill of Rights, the one that guarantees our freedoms, and we reject your second bill of rights, that presumes to indenture us.
Earlier that morning, Hill met with Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.), who agreed to speak at the August 11 event and support the cause.
Typical. The Democrats see no problems with using government power to infringe on the freedom of the people.
No Republican has agreed to support the "Second Bill of Rights" or speak at the "Workers Stand with America" event at this time.
Thank God for that.  I just wish I could trust them.


  1. He looks like Charles Bronson being inflated with a bicycle pump.

  2. I thought it was one of the balloons for the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. On second thought, if the rope handlers/balloon wranglers were all union, no parade in the world could afford it.