Thursday, July 19, 2012

Conrad Black On His Game

It's great to have the return of Conrad Black. And there is nothing better then to read him on topics which he is personally familiar, such as his review of a book on Walter Cronkite. Speaking of democratic interest in the most trusted man in the news running as a McGovern running mate, Mr. Black offers:
"It is mind-reading to surmise his motives, though premonitions that McGovern was going to run the most disastrous and incompetent campaign in U.S. history may have figured in them. Given his position, he should not have allowed his name to be bandied about as a political candidate. By his endless subtle attacks on the U.S. effort to salvage a non-Communist South Vietnam, Cronkite contributed importantly to the destruction of the integrity of American journalism."
Good stuff. Read the whole thing here.

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