Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Media Pronounce Barack Clear Winner of Tomorrow's Debate

What a minute - we haven't had the debate yet!

No matter.

In a recent article on media analysis of previous presidential debates, Rich Noyes demonstrates a familiar refrain:
He definitely won tonight. I think, again, he showed over the course of this debate, over the course of the two debates, he is answering the number one question Americans have about him. Does he have the experience it takes to serve effectively as President? Over the course now of three hours of debates, he is answering that question minute by minute.
Media types are reaching the end of the period where bogus polls can be used to shape opinion, as the credability of the pollsters are more on the line as we get nearer to the election. Yes, it is high time to move on to the next phase of "Creating the Outcome, 2012", and that, of course, is media analysis of the debates.
Barack Obama handled this all very, very well. He was cool under attack. He explained away every attack, responded well....
George Stephanopolis is on record saying "There is no bias in the media", so we've got that straight from the horses mouth. Strange then how he conistently claims the Democrat the winner. Don't doubt me on this one. The story's are already written. The only thing needed is to change a word here, highlight a phrase there, but the opinion on the debate is in the can: Barack a big winner!
Clean sweep for Barack Obama. He has won every debate. He won tonight by staying cool under pressure. He won tonight by parrying the attacks of John McCain. The only thing that John McCain could have really done tonight to change the tenor of this campaign was to get under Obama’s skin, to force him into an error. That did not happen tonight. Another win for Barack Obama.
That's nice Georgie, but you forget these are the 2012 debates. McCain was the last go round.

The Stephanopolis analysis is about as helpful as that Michigan State Math professor's lecture on calculus.

But we don't listen to the media.

We show up at the polls, and we VOTE OBAMA OUT.


  1. Biden is going around saying that the middle class has been hammered at every turn in the last four years. Damn those in power!

    Listen to him. Throw out every one of them.

  2. 70% of Obama's 16 million Tweeter followers may be fake, but they all just Tweeted that Barack Obama wiped the floor with Mitt.

    You can't argue with that, can you?

  3. I saw that Biden clip too Darrell and nearly fell over laughing. Oh, please Mr. Biden keep putting your idiotic foot in it...please :)

  4. Did they really? A pre-emptive claim of victory? Sounds about right.

    And Biden - excellent choice for Vice-President. Surpising to see that Tina Fey wasn't too concerned by his selection. Oh, that's right. It's only women she pretends are stupid. A man like Joe Biden, what's not to like?

  5. If Obama can have fake followers, we can certainly speculate about whatever Tweets they may have made. Fauxetic license, I think its called. ;-)

  6. Besides, "journolists" have been caught in previous debates pre-loading "post-debate" analyses on their Media websites BEFORE the debates occured--and apparently making them public in error. Quite co-incidentally, the Democratic candidates were always seen to win by these amazing Carnacs, however un-magnificient they may have been.

    Biden did say the middle class had been burned continuously over the last four years. Luckily the media will be able to spin that as they always do.