Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Democrats Strategize With A Winner?

Just when it looked like the bottom had fallen out, with Joe Biden telling the Democrats to stop whining and Jimmy Carter speaking at length about the superiority of his post-presidency, into the ring steps Democrat stalwart...Michael Dukakis?
"Former Massachusetts Governor Michael S. Dukakis, the failed 1988 presidential nominee, recently visited the White House and delivered his strategy for the midterm elections: pound key precincts across the country with the message that Republicans want to implement the same policies that led to the Great Recession."
Republican policies will bring on the Great Depression.
Holy cripes.   Take a look around, Mike.


  1. My God, they really are bankrupt. How do they expect to get anywhere by repeating the Great Depression mantra?

    I just posted about the total bankruptcy of the Left. How sad.

  2. Well, sad or a joke. Here is Obama spending a gazillion dollars, millions of Americans are really frustrated at the inability of the government to hear them and take their concerns to heart, and what does the DNC decide ... those rascally Republicans!!

    Mike, how come you guys are so damn thick? We were all told, in no uncertain terms, that Mike Castle was the Republican's best chance to gain that Senate seat and thereby regain control of the Senate. What the hell happened to him?

    You're going to have to think beyond the 1988 campaign. It's not just Democrats that we're fed up with.

  3. I know, I keep coming across articles with the same theme -- the Left can't understand that they're the problem they have to solve, by becoming something else. They keep spinning their blame wheels.

  4. Oh, wait a minute. He's talking about the Great Recession, not the Great Depression. What the hell is the Great Recession? Any recession that did not occur while a Democrat was president? Yeah... oh and in particular, the Recession of 2008-201??

    Well, that wasn't caused by tax policies, you brick. What do you think initiated the economic collapse of 2008? Oh, what's the use!!

  5. The wv for that last was 'merit' ... I wonder if that means anything?

  6. Jim, you forgot the "e" in your title. It goes before the "i" in that last word, if you're talking about Dukakis.

  7. Weiner : ) ... and who doesn't get that vibe from this guy? Can you imagine him rolling into Obamaville to tell the collected super-elites what they need to do to go and win the upcoming midterms? How far into his spiel do you think he got before he realized he was hitting a note that was landing a tad ... false? Isn't that where the Obama glare would come in. How about the attentive listening with his head perched on his open hand, middle finger rising along the side of the Obama head?

  8. I just don't understand why anyone would consult Dukakis for a winning strategy. I think the Dems hope that everyone will also continue to Bush bash so that Carter can continue to tour around the country trying to convince everyone that he was a better president than we think he was. It seems that if they want winning strategists, shouldn't they consult people involved with Bill Clinton's campaign? Of course one of the smartest people surrounding Clinton was Dick Morris, but he's now on the Republican side.

  9. I too have a hard time seeing the value in consulting Dukakis on anything. He was so universally bad at everything back in 1988, plus he's funny looking and I hate the way he talks.

  10. For my money, the real laugh real comes when you hear lefties all giddy about the rise of the Tea Party, confident that they can pass them off as racist extremists and split the Republican vote, when in reality they are just everyday folks, everyday Americans from across all walks of life, and they ain't just looking to change party control, they are looking to effect a sea change in our representation, party being incidental.

    How the national tea party movement has been misunderstood by the elites and the media intelligencia is remarkable.

    Thanks all for checking in.

    I'll have another post tomorrow. Coco and that von Trapp woman will probably have turned out five or six by then.

    : )