Friday, September 10, 2010

Krispy Q'u'r'a'ns? Que Sara

Here are just some tips about propriety. You can’t burn the book. In fact, you can’t even touch it. That is why our Gitmo boys and girls wear white gloves while providing the free copy to the new arrivals. Also, you can’t draw cartoons. You cannot criticize their practices. You cannot even accurately quote their Imams, lest you be considered to be inciting hatred, as the incomparable Mark Steyn was alleged to have done in Canada.

Look, burning Qu'rans is a disrespectful and unnecessarily stupid thing to do, like eating a ham sandwich in a synagogue. Far more effective to just read the thing outloud, or present quotes along with pictures of the happy Islamists busily at their daily activities, as Geert Wilders did in Fitna. Of course, such actions are also not to be taken lightly, as Imams have called for poor Geert to be beheaded, and free minded liberals have denounced his movie, but at least it tangibly brings the argument to the foreground, whereas burning Qu'rans does not.

The most embarrassing thing about this episode, in my opinion, is the manner in which our nation’s leaders responded. Just a few days ago, B. Obama and H. Clinton were all about defending our Constitutionally protected rights to property and religious expression, no matter how brazenly offensive the action taken. Now, they have abandoned those high sounding principles, completely reversing themselves over a church in Florida.

The one guy consistent – Michael Bloomberg?!!

Good grief.


  1. I think it's our duty as free men to "offend" Moslems-as-Moslems in whatever way we can; and burning Korans does that nicely. Or even just stating the intention to burn one.

  2. *grin* I just notices that you've apparently changed the title of this piece.

  3. It's odd, isn't it, that Moslems have no problems with burning Bibles. Though, in fairness, they do try to burn those Bibles only when they're still in churches ... or the hands of Christians.

  4. The Muslims act in very twisted and weird ways, no doubt about it. But what is far more concerning to me is when we start showing deference to their preferences. Check out the Steyn piece at the top of the roster. He's on the money again.

    Trips to Scandinavia not withstanding, the guy's got to get back on it.