Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Is The President Becoming Unhinged?


"Some powerful interests who had been dominating the agenda in Washington for a very long time -- and they're not always happy with me -- they talk about me like a dog. That's not in my prepared remarks, but it's true,"

Barry, maybe you better stick with the prepared remarks.

Nobody wants his additional pre-election fifty billion dollar road, rail and runway stimulus. No one wants his two-hundred billion dollar pre-election slush fund 'stimulus', and he concludes that people talk about him like he is a dog? A power-crazed, irresponsible, socialist nut-job, maybe, but a dog?


  1. I think of you more as a liberal version of Godzilla, if that helps any.

  2. What's the matter, Mr. President? The 24/7/365 fawning all over the TV networks not enough for you? Poor baby! Don't worry the new school year is here and I'm sure the good little socialist teachers unions can get the kids to come with with new songs lavishing praise on their dear leader. Mmmmmm MMmmmmm Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!

  3. I remember a determined look on George Bush's face when he was dealing with the aftermath of 9/11. I remember a hard look on the face of his father when he had to take the nation to war to push Saddam out of Kuwait. I remember a hard and unflinching look on the face of Ronald Reagan when confronting the evil empire that was the Soviet Union. I don't remember ever seeing any of them look this way talking about his fellow countrymen, even if they were his political opponents.

    What's wrong with this guy?

  4. I remember George W. Bush gracefully dealing with damaged White House keyboards from the Clinton Administration, comparisons to a monkey and Hitler, continual denigration of his intellect, thrown shoes, Cindy Sheehan, and a whole lot of other grief. Yet this whack job can't even handle people pointing out the fact that the economy has lost six million jobs since he took office? What a loser.

  5. Oh yeah, that is just too rich.

    Perhaps Mr. Obama was ill prepared for the presidency. Perhaps he lacked the gravitas to be president, or the temperament, intellect and judgment. Perhaps our fellow citizens would have had a better chance at figuring this out if Katie Couric and her ilk had thought less about maneuvering herself into gotcha moments with Sarah Palin and concentrated on probing the qualifications and background of the guys actually running for president?

    Well, that ship has sailed.

    Just today the man who two years ago swept the nation off its feet is quoted as saying he recognizes people are upset about the economy, and that since he is president and Democrats control congress, by golly he knows people are going to blame him. To think of that?!

    Sheesh. Even when he moves to accept responsibility, there is a squirrelly, false quality to him, with his looking to blame others while taking no responsibility himself ... n o n e.

    And let us not mince words.. his party is largely responsible for the financial collapse, and he himself is hugely responsible for the failure of the nation's economy to recover. And the people of this nation know it, if he does not.

    Buyer's remorse? You bet. Big time.