Sunday, September 5, 2010

Palin Author Joe McGinnis Moves Out, Just As Clueless As The Day He Moved In

It is truely remarkable that a man of McGinnis years has so little sense of propriety and basic good manners.

After spending a summer in Wasilla, Joe McGinnis has moved out to write his Palin piece in the comforts of his East coast home. His time there started off bad enough when he had the poor taste to park himself in the home directly next door to the Palin residence. Joe felt he was being unfairly criticised, which gave me opportunity to write this earlier piece about the woes of Joe.

On his way out, Joe had this to say:
"I've been very busy but on Lake Lucille it's been very quiet," he said. "As I told Todd back in May—he came over to get in my face about moving in there—I said, 'You're not even going to know I'm there."
I hate it when Irishmen act like clowns. Todd Palin came over to get in your face? McGinnis, you are there to pry into the private lives of his family. You've written about his wife in the past, critically. The national press has maliciously abused the man's entire family. And you? You arrive in his hometown to write another crap, hit piece, and where do you choose to live? In the house immediately next door to the Palin family? You are supposed to be writing with insight regarding the Palins, and yet you lack the ability to see what an intrusive and false step that is? You feel that you are the injured party because Todd came over to talk to you? That's pathetic. The Irish can write, Joe, and with feeling. We're not a bunch of dolts. You're making us look bad.

And just in case it escaped you, you were in position to make it right. You could have easily gone to the Palins and said:

"Look, I'm sorry. I'm here to write and get some background interviews. I had no intention to impose or to make your family uncomfortable. Let me get another rental"

That would have been stand-up. Did you do that? Nope, you're just moving out now. Well, good riddance, Joe. You will not be missed.

The thickness of this guy. The utter lack of empathy.

Onto the piece:
"It's just a peculiar thing, but she does, as I found out in May, she presses a button and what comes back is hate,"

Maybe it's something you're doing, Joe. Did you ever consider that? That people were upset because of what you were doing? No, huh? Why does that not surprise me?
"That's the funny thing," he said. "They live in a place where anybody who wants to look onto their property, all they have to do is get a boat and park 10 yards off shore and they can sit there all day and look at the Palin's yard, if that's what they want to do."
Yeah. It's not like the Kennedy Compound. These are not the liberal ultra-rich that you write your Camelot stories about. These are people from a simple background. And they do represent the people.
But I don't know who would want to do that."
Well, you would, Joe. You moved in right next door while you were working on your book about her.
"People—I don't know if they're afraid of shadows or whether there's something real there—she's no longer in a position of governmental influence but there are people up there who are scared to death to talk because if Sarah ever found out they talked, oh, something terrible would happen to them," he said.

Maybe they're afraid of you, Joe. They don't know you very well. They don't know if they can trust you. Maybe they are afraid of being misquoted, or being taken advantage of, or being made the useful pawns in your effort to harm the Palin's, and they just don't want you to take advantage of them that way? Maybe they don't believe that what they say will come out in your book the way they said it. Did you offer any of them right of review prior to publishing, so they could be sure that their quotes were quoted correctly? Sheesh. Talk about thick.

Okay, look Joe, what you don't realize is that while you are out there trying to influence the world, we're forming an opinion about you. In short, you're an idiot, McGinnis. Now go back to the deep blue of Massachusetts and write your dumb book. I am sure we can rely on your judgment and character to write something worthy of your talents, such as they are. For my money, it's your actions and statements that inform me as to the value of your opinion.


  1. But Joe can decide where he wants to rent a house, does not have to ask for permission from the neighbour whoever that is. Whats the problem. Palin is a public figure, she is in the news day in day out by her own accord, then she should be made accountable to public opinion of what she says. This is not idiot land, this is America. Palin has no respect for the office of President of USA. She demonise a democratically elected President every day from behihd twitter and face book. She does not have the guts to stand up and give an interview and engage in an intelligent debate. A vindictive person of enormous ego and a patent liar, Palin wants to influence America with her racist inuendos and undertones. She should be called to account for what she says and not just hide behind facebook and twitter and fox news. She is gutless and a coward. All the more as she is cashing in on the the fanning of racism and prejudices amongst the white middle age Americans.

  2. "her racist innuendos(sp corrected) and undertones"

    Oooo! The Left's new favorite slander, replacing "hypocrisy" in their bag of tricks. Regular people know about the massive disconnect between reality and what the Left says they believe and claim others believe. The Left has tried to attach this label to people who have shown neither violence nor hatred--like Sarah and the Tea Party--and it will only get worse before it gets better, if Soros' new pet project is any indication. Crank up the phalanx of useful idiots who are ready and willing to be played--like "Anonymous" up there. We are past the point where people will scramble to bow and scrape to the Left lest they be labeled as racists and bigots--everyone with a brain knows it's just a tactic, just a ploy to shut down debate and opposing ideas. Maybe we'll do what the Soviets did--label opposing ideas as mental illness and institutionalize people who hold those ideas. Take away the Left's power at the voting booth and send them to the dust bin of history that they so richly deserve.
    It's the only way.

  3. Shamed into silence? We're not playing that. Not anymore. It's simply another way to say shut the hell up, and that stuff is thrown back in their face, with relish.

    "the phalanx of useful idiots"

    That's beautiful.