Friday, May 28, 2010

Palin Author Demands His Privacy

'Get off. You're tresspassing."

Sarah Palin to an investigative reporter?


That would be the reporter himself speaking through his window to an NBC news team looking to ask him why he felt he needed to rent the house directly next to the Palin residence in Wasilla, Alaska.

It's trying to have your life choices examined and critically commented on, and as is the way with the press in general, they just don't like the scrutiny. The poor dears.

Investigative reporter Joe McGinnis gave short shrift to an NBC News Crew that was merely doing its job attempting to inform the public on what they saw was a news worthy story. They were apparently curious about his decision to move in next door to Sarah Palin and her family while investigating and writing a critical book on them.

Of all the places he could live while writing about Sarah Palin, he chose the house directly next to her family residence? Why not just move into the basement? Creepy.

One of the appealing aspects to Sarah Palin is the fact that she is a common person. This is not the Kennedy Compound. This is not the Kerry Estate. It's the Palin residence, and despite the Soros efforts to distract and discourage her, Sarah Palin takes it in stride and keeps moving forward. These clowns must really be worried about her. They just wont let it go. If a common person can't rise to political prominence, then we are no longer a people that have a government, but have become a government that has a people. Love the quote though:

"Fences make for good neighbors. Todd and his buddies started the fence yesterday, and its looking good!"

We all know what it's like to be a neighbor, and we hope to be good ones ourselves. Keep an eye out for your neighbors property, offer to help when troubles arise, look out for your neighbors kids. This sorry excuse for a man stood those common values on their ear. What the left doesn't get is that their odd and intrusive behavior underscores what we already know:

Their values are not our values.

Update 6/1/10

Mr. McGinnis, apparently wounded that his honor would be called into question, complained on NBC's "Today" show that his motives were unfairly called into question.
"Joe McGinniss said Tuesday on NBC's "Today" show that the price was right on the house next door to the Palins. He says he moved to her hometown to talk to her longtime acquaintances, not to spy on the family. He needs to be in Wasilla to do his work."

Sure, Joe. One question: if your conscience is so clear, why wouldn't you speak with the NBC news crew that came by and knocked on your door? Why wouldn't you answer, let them in and take advantage of that opportunity to more fully explain yourself? Seems to be a tad inconsistent, but then I didn't realize how sensitive investigative journalists are. Who knew that comments placed on Sarah Palin's Facebook would strike home? Apparently, Ms. Palin posted on her Facebook page that she wondered what McGinniss would gather "while overlooking Piper's bedroom, my little garden, and the family's swimming hole?"

Excellent comment, and spot-on. Apparently the stone thrown struck this particular dog, as we all can tell from his howling:

"McGinniss called Palin's comments 'ugly innuendo' and 'revolting'".

Ahh, buddy, buddy. It's so unfair... so easy for an investigative reporter to be mistaken for a scumball.

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