Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Group Think Wonk Looks to Crush Middleschooler

Freedom of thought and freedom of expression are the hallmarks of a free society. There continued existence depends on the will of the people. So found out a thirteen year old in an art class in Salinas California, when she was ordered to stop drawing the American flag by an art teacher at Gavilan View Middle School. Her mother, Tracy Hathaway, commented:
“She had drawn the flag and was sketching the letters, ‘God bless America,’ when the teacher confronted her,” Hathaway told FOX. “She said, ‘You can’t draw that – that’s offensive.’”
What's offensive is that such a thick-headed slob of a person would be entrusted with encouraging and training our children in art, of all things. The craddle of free expression is art. What was this woman about? Well, her motivation was brought to light in the experience of another student, who in the same art class drew a picture of President Obama and was praised by the teacher.
“The picture of Barack Obama was in red, white and blue hues,” Hathaway said. “The teacher said it was great. But when it comes to the flag – all of a sudden it was offensive?”

Hathaway said she took her concerns to the principal – and he was “floored” and apologized for what happened. He arranged a meeting with the Hathaways and the teacher.

“My husband point-blank asked her what she found offensive about the picture – the American flag or the words, ‘God Bless America,’” she said. “The teacher didn’t say a word.”

Hathaway said she was especially concerned that a picture of President Obama was praised yet a picture of the American flag was deemed offensive.

“That showed where she stood in the political spectrum,” she said “But this was not a political class. This was not a religious class. This was an art class. “

“My daughter wasn’t trying to break any rules and she wasn’t trying to create a scene,” she said. “She was just expressing her view and saying this is America and I want God to bless it.”

However, Hathaway said her daughter has yet to receive an apology – and in fact – the teacher told the girl that she should not have gotten her parents involved in the matter.

That's always a good sign. She has nothing to say to the girl's father, but she feels compelled to share a little advise with the girl when she's back in her art class, where she continues to instruct all on the beauty of free expression.
“My daughter felt like her rights were being trampled on – she was doing what she thought was right.” she said. “It’s disturbing. It really is disturbing. When I was in junior high we didn’t have a lot of the problems they are having now. We were allowed to speak our mind. It’s absolutely devastating for me. Last time I looked, this is America. This is still a free country.”

And the full response from Superintendent Mike Brusa:
"When we were aware there may be additional concerns, I asked the administration to contact parents again to see if there is any expectations from prior contact that have not been met. The Principal did so, and indicated the parents were satisfied that the situation had been handled. They told the Principal they had twittered Fox and had indicated that the situation had been handled. Secondly, there are 3,000 students in the district, 250 employees, and parents that go with the students. Every day there are many interactions that occur between all these individuals. As I indicated, this event occurred several weeks ago, and in that time there would be literally thousands of events large and small between the people involved with the school. This was one small event that did not even come to the level of my office. There is an informal and formal process that is used to resolve issues. The school administration and the parents did not view this as significant enough to bring it to the Superintendent’s office. Thank you for allowing me to clarify this situation."

Yes, you've claified it fine, and at the same time answered the question "Which is smarter, Superintendent Burasa or a pile of rocks. Far be it from us to disturb you with a question of your overbearing and overtly politically biased teaching staff.

It is a simple thing for the adminsitrator to communicate to the principle and the teacher involved that their positions were not political ones, that the expectation of parents is that their children will not be indoctrinated into the self hatred these people embody, and that for anyone who is a lover of freedom the true test of their committment will arise when someone advances an argument that they are in disagreement with.

The thick-headed dolt.

(With a hat tip to frequent commenter Darrell at The Hyacinth Girl).


  1. Look, you do not need the parents to request a meeting with the Superintendent of the schools for the Superintendent to get the idea that he has a problem in the attitudes being expressed by his staff. The story is being carried on Fox News for heaven sakes!

  2. Ya' gotta understand the Bureaucratic Mind (which lesson I had learned at least by the time I was 12) ... to the Bureaucrat, the Troublemaker isn't the person who, you know, causes the trouble, but rather is the person whose objection to or reaction to the trouble disturbs the Bureaucrat's day by compelling him to acknowledge that there is, in fact, trouble.