Sunday, May 16, 2010

College Girl Bilks Army Out of 80 Large

A student who completed her college education at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on a full ride ROTC scholarship dodged her military obligation by formally declaring herself to be a lesbian.
"I didn't feel like I could be a good officer if I didn't have integrity"
Sara Isaacson submitted a formal memo to the head of the university's ROTC program declaring her desire for the fairer sex, despite being told that army policy was to not seek such disclosures.
"I was very clear with Miss Isaacson about that," said Lt. Col. Monte Yoder, head of the university's Army ROTC program. "I told her I won't ask."

Well, too bad Lt. Colonel Yoder, because this gal was hell bent on telling you. Not at the start mind you. No, not when she enrolled as a freshman. Integrity was not as precious to the young officer in training then. No, it wasn't until her degree was completed that integrity became an essential aspect of her core values.
Sara Isaacson was notified in March that she was being discharged for violating “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Along with the notice was a recommendation that she repay the $79,265.14 the government spent on her education, the paper reported.

Well, Ms. Isaacson, our armed forces are made up of men and women who are there to serve their country. They live and breathe integrity. Their very lives depend on the character and integrity of their fellow comrades in arms.

You don't belong among them.

Now pay back the $80 K.


  1. On similar notes, I just wonder how many loving dads and moms out there demand money back from their sweet little princess after plunking down, oh, 60K a year at Converse, Agnes Scott, or Emory and more than a few other prestigious "women's colleges" or feminist-friendly enclaves in lowbrow higher education, upon the discovery that the dear girl is a muffin diver?

    Or, plans to be so for social and multicultural reasons until graduation, so is at least a LUG.

    (Lesbian Until Graduation)

  2. A LUG, huh?

    Well, this girl seems to be USED TOAST (Undisclosed Sapphic Erotic Desire Til Obligation Armed Services Terminated).

  3. Does that come with butter or jam?

    On second thought....