Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dumpster Rapist Morton/Obama Idea of Good Government

John Morton, Assistant Secretary for the Department of Homeland Security was recently commented upon here for his remarks regarding Arizona's attempts to control her border. Meanwhile a serial Seattle area rapist has been the object of good government by Morton's way of thinking for some time now, and the women of Seattle have had the dubious benefit of it.

Investigators learned an illegal immigrant named Jose Lopez Madrigal, who was caught in the act of raping an Edmonds woman in a dumpster Sunday, has been deported nine times.
Immigrations and Customs Enforcement won't comment on the case of Jose Lopez Madrigal.

Yeah, I kind of figured they might not have a lot to say.
Larry Klein was the man who heard the alleged victim's cries for help. Police say the suspect pulled the woman off the street to a dumpster and raped her.

"I could see the back of his head. I could see his pants were down. I could see her lying on the ground. I could hear her crying, but I couldn't really see her face," said Klein.

Klein called police, who quickly arrested the suspect. But learning his identity took much longer because of some 30 aliases. It was only through fingerprints that they identified him as Madrigal, a Mexican citizen.
"Madrigal's arrest and immigration record includes a staggering number of contacts with law enforcement since 1989."

People who live near the scene of Sunday's alleged rape wonder how it could keep happening.

"Makes you wonder, what are we doing wrong?" said Kirby Aumick.

Yeah, what are we doing wrong?! Try asking Mr. Morton. He's the expert on 'good government'.
"It’s troubling. I mean, if this man should not have been in this country, he should have been behind bars then, really, this is a senseless tragedy," said Klein.

Yeah, it is. And Arizona? Are the people there still the backward hicks you all have claimed them to be?
Immigration and Customs Enforcement has refused to comment on the case.

You don't say.
"One criminal justice source says Madrigal is a "poster boy" for the federal governments ineffectiveness."

Amen. It was too easy for this guy to stay here.

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