Wednesday, May 5, 2010

AP At A Loss As To Motive of NY Car Bomber

The banner headline reads:

"NY car bomb suspect cooperates, but motive mystery"

and these folks are not embarrassed to place that in a place where people can read it? Am I the only person surprised they left out the word "alleged"? The suspension of disbelief is incredible.
"Until recently, his life in the U.S. appeared enviable. He had a master's degree from the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut, a job as a budget analyst for a marketing firm in Norwalk, Conn., two children and a well-educated wife who posted his smiling picture and lovingly called him "my everything" on a social networking website. But shortly after becoming a U.S. citizen a year ago, he gave up his job, stopped paying his mortgage and told a real estate agent to let the bank take the house because he was returning to Pakistan."
That seems troubling.
"Once there, according to investigators, he traveled to the lawless Waziristan region and learned bomb making at a terrorist training camp."

How strange. I wonder why he would do that?

AP... forsooth!

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