Sunday, May 23, 2010

Feckless Posers Sass BP Over Oil Leak

"The U.S. government threatened to remove BP from efforts to seal a blown-out oil well in the Gulf of Mexico if it doesn't do enough to stop the leak, though it acknowledged only the company and the oil industry have the know-how to halt the deepwater spill."


We're going to kick you out, BP, but of course we have no idea what to do ourselves. Fixing the problem isn't something we're really all that into. Posing now... it's mostly posing that we do around here.
"I am angry and I am frustrated that BP has been unable to stop this oil from leaking and to stop the pollution from spreading. We are 33 days into this effort and deadline after deadline has been missed," Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said after visiting BP's U.S. headquarters in Houston.

Why didn't he stomp his feet as well? And by the way Mr. Salazar, what has the government contributed? With all it's resources and know-how, fixing the problem and protecting the coast just doesn't seem to pop up on their radar screen. To tell you the truth, the only thing I've heard is that Barry is going to keep his fat ass boot on the throat of BP, that cad Gibbs is out there encouraging people to bring lawsuits against BP, and that's about the extent of the efforts on the part of the Federal government. Great, huh? Sorry, but that's just pathetic.
Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said on Sunday Washington is frustrated and angry that BP missed "deadline after deadline" in its efforts to seal the well more than a month after an oil rig explosion triggered the disaster.

Wah. Waah. Waaahaha.
"If we find they're not doing what they're supposed to be doing, we'll push them out of the way appropriately," he told reporters as the administration maintained its hard line.

Push them out of the way? Go ahead, push them out of the way. Take their place. Show us all what government can really do.
Salazar's strongly worded comments followed President Barack Obama's on Saturday, when he blamed the spill on "a breakdown of responsibility" at BP.

There is a breakdown of responsibility here in this country, and it resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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  1. In dealing with the actual oil spill and its consequences, these guys are remarkably impotent.

    In threatening a private concern like BP, they have no peer.