Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Statist Bureaucracy

The time has come to begin the discussion of one of the major themes of this blog, that being the importance of free speech, and the statist threat that is posed against it in our society.

As a rule, bureaucracies of the state are clumsy instruments. No matter the high sounding purpose or lofty goals they use to justify their actions, the end result is too often the crushing of individuals and of freedom itself.

Further, the need for a bureacracy to justify its action means that the truth is no defense. This is at odds with our centuries old notions of equality under the law and freedom of thought and of expression. It is not unusual for such agencies to act in the interests of ascerting their power, rather than making a truthful, thoughtful and honest determination.

George Jonas wrote an excellent piece on England's Health and Safety Bureacracy that drives the point home.
"Bureaucrats are famous for their obtuseness as well as for their insolence. Officialdoms are rhinoceriats, seeing little and caring less. They rely on weight, not sight."
They see little and care less. Spot on right. Read the rest of his excellent piece here.

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