Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Obama Proud to Have His Boot on Throat of Another Private Sector Enterprise

Well it's a familiar refrain for the Obama presidency. Wait for a problem to develop, delay action until the problem has multiplied and then use the excuse of a crisis to extend Federal authority and cause another private industry to buckle under the wait of the US government. The clumsy hands of the bureaucrats in Washington DC have demonstrated their ability to muck up the works, and so it is with considerable consternation that we here them pledging more of the same:
"the administration has embraced the violent imagery of Interior Secretary Ken Salazar who said administration officials would keep their "boot on the throat" of the energy giant"

It is not responsible private industries like BP that we need be protected from. Rather it is the ever further grasping on the part of Washington that threatens us most of all.

Pundit of course always has an interesting take:

When husband Pundit saw the Gibbs clip last night, he was frankly astounded:

"Who talks that way, besides thugs?"


Roger, tell Barry to get his damn boot off BP, help them up off the ground and get his butt in gear helping to fix the problem at the rig and its clean-up.

Endless posing for the crowd doesn't cut it.

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