Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Blogger Votes to Boycott Los Angeles

One of the nation's most intriguing bloggers has decided to boycott the city of Los Angeles.

The decision by What the...?! founder 'nicholas' came on the heels of the Los Angeles city council's decision to boycott the entire state of Arizona. 'nicholas', the blog's proprietor, offered the following explanation:
"Los Angeles is a city with second rate thinkers in their leadership positions. I can't put up with that, and they shouldn't expect me to."

The decision seemed controversial, but the founder declared it to be a "no brainer"
"What the...?! is a first rate blog with some well thought out opinion pieces and some pretty darn snappy commenters. As an American, I cannot go to Los Angeles today without risking all of that. If I come across a Los Angeles city councilman having a bad day who appreciates the commentary at What the...?! is a tad over his pay grade, I'll have to get an earful of his thickheaded nonsense. I just can't risk that. It's not American."

The decision is projected to cost the City of Los Angeles four to five thousand jobs and six to eight million in dollars of revenue lost. The decision called for the blog What the...?! to "refrain from conducting business with the City of Los Angeles, including participating in any conventions or other business that requires blog resources, unless the cities boneheaded bullying of the people of Arizona is repealed."

Asked to justify the astounding cost estimates, nicholas replied in typical What the...?! fashion:
"Do you remember the president offering evidence of the success of his jobs program on the basis of the number of jobs he said he had "saved"? It's just like that."

The Los Angeles city council could not be reached for comment.


April Gavaza over at The Hyacinth Girl takes the bull by the horns and smacks the good councilman square in the face. Here's a sample:
"Reyes’ statement doesn’t even make sense, by the way. And the smug self-congratulatory tone taken by the others quoted is absolutely nauseating. Honestly, these people couldn’t find their asses with both hands, and if you believe that they own the moral high ground in this case, you’re a complete moron. Do not waste my time by commenting or emailing."

That! You know you want to read her. Get over there and quit wasting time. Do it now and save us both the heartache.

Update II

Here's a bit more insight from the brave souls over at the LA City Council:

"Councilwoman Janice Hahn, one of the co-sponsors of the motion and a Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor, said her office has been flooded with “hate calls and hate e-mails” criticizing the resolution.

That 'hate mail' is simply people expressing their disbelief at your thick-headed obstinacy. It's called holding a dissenting opinion.

'But, she said, “we know bad things happened when good people don’t stand up and say something.”

We know that, you brick. That's why we are supporting the folks of Arizona, and calling pretentious fools like you on the carpet.

Didn't this gal use to hang out with Sam Kinison, after that whole thing with Jim Bakker went south?


  1. Los Angeles is burning!

  2. This is a simple process. What goes around comes around. I am sure a lot of good citizens in this country tuned in the internet will have no trouble boycotting LA and California during their upcoming summer travels. d invader

  3. Los Angeles is fine. It's the politicos that make up the city council that are thick headed dolts that either see this little maneuver as a way to buff up their credibility with the hispanic community or have no appreciation for the rule of law and the American tradition of self determination, or both. Arizona is not Nazi Germany, and the Mexican's are not an indigenous people to the America's.

  4. To hell with LA, they can keep their pesos. I'll spend my tourist and business dollars in AZ

  5. Ban Los Angeles for sure! I'm from there and hate that city.

  6. Will the boycott LA phenomenon catch on? I think it should apply to any California business so that the rest of the state can put pressure on the idiots in LA city council to repeal their stupidity.

  7. The city of Los Angeles boycotting the state of Arizona is an asininely stupid thing to do.

    Do you think the LA city council will catch on to that?

  8. I'm for boycotting all of California for not standing with American citizens. They are unamerican.

  9. Sign me up! Until La-la Land returns to Planet Earth, I vow to not step foot on the place.

  10. I'm with you, Ilion! Storm the ramparts!!

  11. Count me in for a $14.5 mil boycott. I too will never again type the words L.. A...... until their laughable politicians truckle hat in hand to Arizona and beg forgiveness. You've probably seen my name all around the Web so you know my principled stance is not hollow.

  12. "You've probably seen my name all around the Web so you know my principled stance is not hollow."

    I have Anonymous, and you are not forgotten around here! We are proud to have you counted among the rest of us, who are stunned by the brazen stupidity of the LA City Council!

  13. I live in the OC and will be boycotting LA. They will not be getting my business.

    I will be vacationing in Arizona this summer.


  14. Sign me up for boycotting LA! The Arizona law came about because of a total failure of our government to secure our borders.

  15. Well, of course it did. And the law is fair and consistent with Federal Law. As written it does not violate any Federal statutes. For Mr. Obama to claim it may be abused is a reflection of his own tendency to abuse and disregard the laws of the land. Just ask stock holders of GM and Chrysler how they feel about their position.

    What it all comes done to is blatant pandering on the part of the president for a voting block of people that if they did vote would vote illegally, and if he could have his way they would. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon.

    Thanks for your comment.