Saturday, May 22, 2010

Obama-Mobs Threaten Bankers, Homes, Families

This looks like fun.

Community aggravators and their mobs are having a hey day since the community agitator in chief moved into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The word is out that the president has put the kibosh on the prosecution of his law breaking activist friends in the unions and government funded agitator groups.

Of course, we all remember the New Black Panther thugs that showed up at a Philadelphia polling station in the last election and stood there scowling, night sticks in hand, attempting to intimidate people from going in to vote. Their actions were recorded by republican poll watchers, whose video of the event went viral. Ultimately the panthers were pursued by career lawyers of the justice department, but the case was dropped when the political appointees intervened on two of the offenders, with the third ordered by the court to not return to a polling place with a weapon (?!). The light handed treatment set the stage for more threatening activities for other Obama-mob types, most notably at Town Hall meetings and Tea Party Rallies, where they attempted to subdue the free expression of ideas counter to the administration's opinion.

The most recent example occurred at the home of Greg Baer, a Bank of America executive. The Obama-mob were bused into the neighborhood on fourteen buses and with the escort of two police cruisers, where SEIU and the National People’s Action (NPA) members terrorized a teenage child in his own home.
"The Maryland officers reported there were approximately 500 protesters on and near the front lawn of Baer’s house. Montgomery County was not given a “heads-up” concerning the plan."

The bank executives son Jack was alone in the home at the time, and ended up locking himself in the bathroom. “When are they going to leave?” Jack pleaded.

Mr. Baer's neighbor just happened to be Fortune Magazine columnist Nina Easton, who wrote an excellent piece about it here.

The effort to intimidate and muscle banking institutions is a project the activists types have taken to with relish:
"SEIU and NPA also loudly stormed into bank buildings, occupying and shutting down their lobbies. How much would you like being in one of those bank lobbies during an SEIU-NPA Progressive Democrat hijacking of the property? How is anyone supposed to know that the loud angry mob coming through the front door isn’t there to rob it, or worse yet, burn it down?
Just an aside - isn’t it against Federal law to purposely shut down the normal operation of Federally insured banking institutions? Or is that sort of thing being encouraged now?"

This is all a part of an ongoing campaign which SEIU and NPA have titled “Showdown In America” in which they intend to heckle and bully banks, bank management and their employees and customers, all for the purpose of bilking the banks and their creditors out of millions of dollars in unsecured mortgages.

History has seen the Roman mob and the Paris mob. We now are being treated to the Obama-mob.

I guess Barrack found yet another private business whose neck he wants his boot on.


  1. This kid was such a baby. It's not like they broke in. So they made a loud noise? Boo Flippin Hoo.

  2. Yeah, he is really. All those people tramping all over their property, stomping through the bushes, banging and shouting. "His dad worked for the bank, so he deserved it, right? The little creep." That would be the union view of what happened.

    You union types are a bunch of little shits. You can't get your mind around what was wrong with what happened? Well, that sounds about right. That would require a tad higher function. I hope it's your house that gets tromped on by some stupid-ass group of dick weeds, and your son or daughter that has to lock themselves up in their bathroom. Then you can tell me what a boo hoo experience it was.

  3. Well said, James.
    But just one question... When did you turn into me?
    In this case, there are no inappropriate words so do have at it. Ever notice that the goon squads/anarchists always wear those facemasks or
    comment anonymously? Brave folks and people in the right never do. Imagine that.

  4. James Nicholas

    I would welcome that, it be amusing. I hope it happens to me eventually.

  5. Darrell

    So you SIGN posts. Big whoop.

  6. James Nicholas

    I never said that he DESERVED it but that he reacted like a baby (as he did).

  7. So you figured out that he didn't deserve it. Good for you. Now you just have to figure out why they were there in the first place, what the intention was. Then we can give you a brownie.

  8. Anonymous -

    What is the relevance of how he reacted to the issues being discussed here?
    Illumination please.

  9. The Venerable Bede

    The reaction seems to be tha main issue to me. After all, the original story from claimed that he was "terrorized" and focuses more on the individuals involved than it's political reasoning.

  10. James Nicholas

    Pass on the brownie.

  11. The main issue is the reaction. Okay.

    So does this hold good with all confrontations when zealots of a particular ideology arrive unbidden to harrass their chosen enemy?
    When the Nazis invaded France, was the main issue how the French reacted?
    Or would it be reasonable to question Hitler's motives for being there in the first place?

    And speaking of motives - James, hold that brownie.

  12. The law says that you take your victims as you find them. If there had been someone in the house with a weak heart or other medical condition and they died as a result of the commotion outside of the home, the mob would surely be guilty of murder. We know nothing about the boy in the home or his mental or emotional health. And anyone that makes light of another's reaction of fear is at the very least an inconsiderate idiot.

    I'm sure James wasn't talking about the kind of brownie Time's "Man of The Year" was delivering by the police car. I'm sure you are proud of that moment, "anonymous." That's why you are fixated about not being on the receiving end of that treat.

  13. I'm sorry to inform you all that Anonymous wins nothing. He has no idea why this happened. That would require a certain amount of penetration, and he simply isn't blessed with the necessary quicks.