Thursday, September 2, 2010


Smoke and confusion is the modus operandi for Mr. Obama and his minions. These troubled days most issues are turned on their ear and examined bass ackwards.

Thus, we discover that the President's pastor is a racist and a hater of America, and are told that he is a product of his times. The President is ready to lead us all forward to a brave new age.

We wonder at the President's educational background, and the man who declares he wants to have the most transparent presidency ever is ... unable to provide details.

The President supports the Ground Zero Victory Super Mosque (GZVSM), and we are told that his position is rooted in (don't laugh now) his deep and abiding respect for property rights, and our constitutionally protected freedom of religion.

The most recent presidential fog fest is the confusion the nation has over the religious beliefs of our nation's leader. It is said he is a Christian, but nobody knows for sure. Into this moorish bog steps Roxeanne De Luca:
"The more interesting question to me is whether or not Christians should care about Obama’s statements about his own faith."

Roxeanne poses the question for the president as Shakespeare would for the pondering, self-doubting Hamlet:
"To be, or not to be christian, that is the question"

Hamlet is a role the president fully embraces, and the Rox has a knack for illuminating what others have covered in darkness. While the media ties up the public conversation by chiding us for considering that he is Muslim, and brow beating us for even wondering what the real answer to the question might be, Roxanne runs down a list of actions which illuminate the inner workings of the character playing the part, summing up:
"Could the man, despite all this, be Christian? In a quantum-mechanical, “all things are possible depending on the probability density of the electron cloud” way, perhaps."
What the...?! Perhaps?!!

Fear not. Roxeanne has the goods ... and delivers.

Read the whole thing here.


  1. She makes a nice distinction, doesn't she, between claiming a religious faith, and living it.

  2. Yes.

    Of course, it is unclear if he has ever claimed to be a christian, or rather when he did what exactly did he mean when he said it. Is he a big "c" or a little "c" christian? And is it okay for me to ask, or is it really none of my business.

    What I love is that she avoids getting herself caught up in the hazy morality of the media generated Q and A, and cuts straight to the quick.

    Thanks for checking it out with me, C!

  3. It's the same "little c" that pal Bill Ayers defines himself as. You know that guy in his neighborhood. . .Their fellow travallers in the media can conduct this slight-of-hand amongst themselves. We know the Red Queen isn't on the folding table, the pea is safely in the palm. While they debate, let's throw the bums out of office every chance we get. For the sake of civilization.