Friday, September 10, 2010

Raw Hide!

"Rollin' Rollin' Rollin', Keep em' movin', movin',

Though they 're disapprovin', Rawhide!"

Tired and saddle weary, all you want to do is rollout your bedroll and grab some shut-eye. It was a tough ride, but you've come through with the best of em, and you've got the bow legs and saddle sores to prove it.

Dude ranch cattle drive?


Just the latest Portland to Seattle shuttle flight.

If you can believe it, the airlines are looking to introduce a new seat to save on leg room, and doesn't it look comfortable? This will allow the already overcrowded flights to be even more...overcrowded.

Looks to me like Steven Slater picked the right time to bail out on JetBlu.
"They'd sit at an angle with no more than 23 inches between their perch and the seat in front of them — a design that could appeal"
Their perch? Are these guys kidding?! As if air travel hadn't already sunk to the lowest possible level of discomfort and inconvenience, this is what the boys upstairs have come up with for us. You're gonna sit on a horse saddle for a plane trip.

Come on fellas, even your model is looking pretty darn sceptical. Look at her! What's she thinking? I don't know, but it sure as hell isn't "I wish I could have used one of these." Twenty-three inches?! No way! That girl is doing her darnedest not to bust out laughing!

Put the pilot and co-pilot in these things. Then let's talk.


  1. Can't they make the passengers stand up, like on those roller coaster rides with the shoulder harness?

    Bet they can really cram them in then.

  2. "between their perch and the seat in front of them"

    You don't sit on these seats, Darrell. You perch. But I think you've out done them all with your stand-up shoulder harness technique. Twenty-three inches will be considered luxurious before we're through.

    "Come fly with me..."

  3. The pattern looks kinda like the flight plan they submitted for my last flight.

    All the airlines best ideas come from the amusement park industry.

  4. Actually, standing in a harness would be far more comfortable than "sitting" like that.

  5. Actually those "perches" look like those portable commodes for home health care. They should just go all the way and then they can eliminate the aisles and lavatories. I can get the concession for scent-infused paper masks. And eye coverings for the delicate souls. How can you eliminate aisles? By having a swing-away cockpit section like on military cargo transports and a rail loading system.

    For standing-only systems think, "dry-cleaner" motorized racks. I'm now thinking about passengers being lashed back-to-back on a single
    vertical bar. They will face sideways during the flight.

  6. "For standing-only systems think, "dry-cleaner" motorized racks. I'm now thinking about passengers being lashed back-to-back on a single vertical bar."

    That's much the image I had in mind. And I still say it would be more comfortable that these so-called seats. And for that matter, perhaps more comfortable than the last time I flew (perhaps 15 years ago).