Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Coco Rico Breaks Bad

Coco Rico and his Coconut Cowboys are riding roughshod over the West.   They're a surly bunch. Coco's rounded up a gang over there, and they're getting ready to ride in and make off with the herd.

Not to worry. It's good fun, and that Coco can write.


  1. That Elsa von Trap...what is going on there? We all know that for all her plotting and scheming, the Baroness Schraeder was unsuccessful in pushing poor Maria down the stairs. Captain von Trap ended up finding some courage somewhere and owned up to the fact that he was in love with the lovely young Maria.

    Is Elsa from some alter reality, where the universe has gone mad, and beautiful, no account scheming types make good?

    And what of those poor kids? Off to boarding school? And poor fraulein Maria?

  2. Hahaha!! What it is, is this writer forgetting that Elsa Schraeder was the name of the evil scheming Baroness when picking her nom de plume. I knew I didn't want to be Maria von Trapp. That would be too on the nose. Henrietta von Trapp would've been a mouthful. But I liked the Austrian name Elsa. So we'll just pretend that Elsa von Trapp is actually just the first cousin of the good Captain, not the evil Baronness Schraeder. ;)

  3. Ahh. And here I was thinking this must be a really dark kind of person that would come up with that as a name. The implications!!

    And you would only get there if you thought about it for a while, so the discovery itself comes off with an eerie, creepy kind of feeling. So glad to discover that was a misread...