Friday, September 17, 2010

England Terror Plot: Could They Be Protestants?

So ponders the AP News Service.


"The pope's visit has divided opinion in officially Protestant, highly secular Britain. The trip has been overshadowed by disgust over the Catholic Church's clerical abuse scandal and opposition from secularists and those opposed to the pope's stances against homosexuality and using condoms to fight the virus that leads to AIDS.

The detained suspects worked for a contractor on behalf of Westminster Council, the authority responsible for much of central London. Benedict spent much of the afternoon in Westminster Hall and Westminster Abbey; the depot were the men were arrested is responsible for cleaning another part of London that the pope is not due to visit, however, police said."

Officially Protestant, highly secular Britain is disgusted by clerical abuse and oppostion to homosexuality and condoms? What must one conclude? These British garbage guys are pretty ticked about the whole AIDS debate. Enough so to take the poor blighter out.

Oh wait, what is this that follows toward the end of the story:

"Police confirmed that some of the suspects were thought to be from outside Britain but declined to comment on media reports they were of Algerian origin. One street sweeper at the depot, who requested anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media, said at least one of those arrested was Algerian, and that he believed all five arrested in the morning were from North Africa."

It could be an African contingent? Hmm. One never has to search long to get to the botttom of things with the AP News Service.

African forsooth.

Update 9/20/10

The six terror suspects arrested over an alleged plot to attack the Pope Benedict XVI have been released. According to the Daily Mail, counter-terrorism officers in London released the men after police failed to gather any hard evidence to support their suspicions.
"The men, of North African origin, were reportedly jokingly discussing how to harm the Pope in a work canteen, which was overheard by one of their colleagues who informed counter-terrorism officers, leading to their arrest."

Those Algerian's and their crazy jokes!


  1. And if I was the street sweeper from the garbage service, I'd be making my statements anonymously as well, because of course ...'cough'.. I had not been authorized to make them.

  2. Probably Quakers, or even Shakers.

  3. Yes, some unruly christian sect bent on violence and destruction to their neighbors. Right wing extremists undermining our freedoms and intolerant of views other than their own.