Monday, September 13, 2010

Immigrant Question Puzzling To Some

Jay Currie's recent post on 9/11 has been called into question by some of the Great North, who see his references to the Qur'an and cautious view of islamic immigrants as evidence of deep seated racism, and liken the current influx of muslims to Canada as just the latest version of immigration, just as Irish Catholics and Chinese immigrants that came before. This is a rather optimistic view of today's world, and a rather poor characterization of the past.

"And it’s not like we haven’t been here before. A hundred years ago when all those Chinese and Japanese immigrants started to arrive, some naively said they were just seeking a better life for their families, and now look at us—worshipping the ancestors, kowtowing to warlords and wagering our foot-bound daughters at mahjong!

What a bunch of filthy drivel."

Yes, well, it didn't quite work out like you suggest, but perhaps you are not quite making a valid analogy.

How many times did Chinese immigrant plans to blow up parliament get disrupted? With the most recent effort thwarted, that would make the score Islamic Jihaidists 2, Chinese Immigrants nil. As to assimilating with the host country culture, the recent group of Islamic terrorist bomber plotters boasted a member that was a Canadian Idol contestant. Sure, he can sing and dance, but were you aware of his hopes and dreams to blow innocent people to bits? And he's killer with a blade. Oh, wait, that was the Toronto-18 that hoped to behead the prime minister.

I'm sure it is all a reflection of inadequate educational opportunities. Either that or inadequate government support payments. Who wouldn't be spurred to detonate truck bombs, open fire in crowded areas, storm the Canadian Broadcasting Centre, the Canadian Parliament building, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service headquarters, and the parliamentary Peace Tower, take hostages and behead the Prime Minister and other leaders, under such unfair and oppressive national policies?

And how about those Catholics? How many times have they not hijacked airplanes and flown them into buildings, killing themselves, everyone on the planes and thousands more in the buildings? Does the pope not issue papal decrees where various critics of Catholicism are to be beheaded? No, huh?

To bring these points out is to be Islamo-phobic and racist in the eyes of some.

Call me what you like, I will not be issuing any fatwa calling for your beheading. The same cannot be said if you were a critic of Islam.


  1. "... references to the Qur'an ..."

    If you're not going to use the historical-and-proper English spelling of "Koran," then at least spell it as "Q'u'r'a'n"

  2. Oh, you can spell it more than one way! All right, then. Here I was initially spelling it Koran, and then looking it up I found it as Qur'an. Now I see they may prefer Q'u'r'a'n. Well if that's the way they like it, to hell with those guys.

  3. "Koran" is the way we have always spelled it in English (just as "Moslem" is for the Slaves of Allah themselves).

    "Qur'an" is the PC-approved spelling/transliteration (just as "Muslim" in).

    "Q'u'r'a'n" is my mockery of the PC-approved spelling/transliteration, with its silly and pointless-to-English-speakers apostrophe.