Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sowell Calls For Less, Predicts More

Thomas Sowell is a clear thinker. His recent column A Non-Prediction comments on the folly of government efforts to "fix" the economy. The tendency for politicians to seek to do something in difficult times has a categorically disastrous track record.
"What would probably get the economy recovering fastest and most completely would be for the President of the United States and Congressional leaders to shut up and stop meddling with the economy. But it is virtually impossible that they will do that."

Providing background humorous commentary, the glib father of communism adds a catch line for this piece:
"It was none other than Karl Marx who wrote to his colleague Engels that "crackbrained meddling by the authorities" can "aggravate an existing crisis."

'Crackbrained meddling by the authorities' - does that not describe our situation exactly?

Blog ace John Hayward of Doctor Zero fame thinks so. Using the Sowell article as a jump off point, he likens the government's presence in our economy to that of a Great White shark, with those of us survivors of the government's efforts as remora sucking and nibbling near the gaping mouth of the behemoth predator.

Both are worth a read.

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