Monday, September 13, 2010

What the...?!

How about this bold statement for the men of tomorrow? Fall fashion for The Professor's Social Justice class? Nope. It's part of GQ's look at the "A-game", a what's "it" among today's young and happening crowd.

Is that a camisole he's wearing? Who knows. Love the red scarf though. A real fashion accent.

Men's fashion have reached a new peak in confusion. We get the run down from blog whiz Coco Rico, whose colorful conservative commentary is a life savor for such cultural confusion:
"For 21 slides, you see pictures of disheveled men: carrying male purses, strutting sockless in bright yellow penny loafers, traipsing in jackets and ties with cutoff jean shorts, or mixing camouflage with plaid and paisley.

What is the A-game exactly? Just forty flavors of thoughtless bizarreness, thrown into a salad bowl like dumpster trash and jiggled around to make a mix out of it"

Too funny. Read the rest here.


  1. I'm not sure you should even know the word "camisole"!

  2. I should not.

    And if I didn't have the benefit of women commenters around here there would be a lot more things I would know nothing about.

  3. Real men know all the terms. How else do you ask a woman to wear it for you? Or take it off.

    Feigned ignorance when buying it is another matter. Helpful saleswomen like to play the professor. And who doesn't like lessons?

  4. I have to tip my hat to genius.

    Do you remember that crazy man-skirt April posted about one time? And how out of sorts The Professor got about it? Too funny.