Wednesday, September 29, 2010

President Dazzles In Des Moines

The questions were short, the answers were long.
President Barack Obama, traveling to Des Moines, Iowa, was out doing his best to rally support for his flailing party as Americans continued to voice their discontent with his short sighted policies.
In the Wednesday session, a small businessman pressed the president to extend tax cuts for households and small businesses that earn more than $250,000.
"As the government gets more and more involved in business and more involved in taxes to pay for an awful lot of're sort of strangling the engine that does create the jobs," he said.
Reasonable.  And you can tell the guy was kinda cringing to say it.
One woman questioned whether the Obama health-care plan would send the U.S. health-care system into a British-style system of rationing and delays. A man asked when the president would end costly wars abroad. Criticized over illegal immigrants getting health care.
The president said, "It is very important that we have compassion as part of our national character."
He doesn't sound too worried about the cost and access questions.  
The president was pushed on the defensive, and said, Americans don't want tax increases totaling $700 billion but also complain that the country's budget deficit is too high.
Voters "say, 'cut government spending,' " Mr. Obama responded.  "Well most spending is for veterans, for education, for defense.
Right.   Just another long night sifting through the baloney of the Obama campaign trail.


  1. Yes. I see the kid yawning in the background.
    You could have stopped there.

    I would have asked if the Obama health plan was just a doomsday device to destroy the health system we have always known to lead us to that single-payer monstrosity he always had in mind.
    That's why I never get a seat.

  2. The photo was the post. I saw that and I just had to do something with it.

    Whatever happened to the swooning women and the men thanking their lucky stars? Now we're left with teenagers yawning away as the President bores on through another address, this time firing up the faithful of the Democratic party. But truth is, no one is swooning, and they are all starting to take a greater interest in what it means to have an Obama presidency, beyond the halting of the rise of the oceans and so forth.

  3. Oh, but you were supposed to get the fact that he was getting excited and really rallying the crowd. After all, he's not wearing a jacket.

    Not wearing a jacket says, "I'm fired up. I've got my shirt sleeves rolled up to pretend to work."




  4. Oh, coat off means he is ready to get down and do the tough work. Right, right, right.

    What does it mean when he's in the rough and 200 yards to the hole?

  5. It means the other three golfers concede that if they ever wish to be part of a Presidential foursome again, they will realize the shot must have been the result of the previous golfer's failed policies and they agree to a drop in the middle of the fairway. And they never stop talking about the wonderful shot later in the clubhouse.