Friday, October 1, 2010

Gloria Allred Seeks Travel Expenses For Illegal Alien Client

Allred all smiles, her client not so much.
Gloria Allred, attorney and political opportunist, has filed a claim seeking reimbursement for the travel time for her client Nicky Diaz Santillion.  Ms. Diaz Santillion was released from the employment of Meg Whitman last June when it was discovered that she was in fact an illegal alien.  Ms. Diaz had falsified information to the Social Security Administration.  The payment claims, filed a year after her termination, amount to a few hundred dollars, but stand to impact the political race for governor of California being run between former California governor Jerry Brown and Ms. Whitman.

"Allred, who is well-known for orchestrating media stunts, has not permitted Diaz Santillan to answer a single question from reporters over two days of news conferences. The former housekeeper read a brief, prepared statement Wednesday that alleged brusque treatment during her nine-year tenure."

Asked why she had not reported the irregularity earlier, Ms. Whitman replied she did not want to subject Ms. Diaz Santillion to the scrutiny and possible legal ramifications of her actions.

Employers in the State of California are under no obligation to report illegal aliens. They simply are not allowed to hire them.

Ms. Allred's political friends stand to gain a great deal from the insertion of Ms. Diaz Santillion into the campaign. For her trouble Ms. Diaz Santillion has been exposed to significant legal repercussions. Allred has made a useful pawn of her.

Despicable behavior.


  1. This is such a horrible train wreck! I think the best thing to do is to illustrate, through this example, the liberal hypocrisy on illegal immigration. All the oppressed groups the Dems are supposed to be fighting for, function as disposable pawns. Abstractions, perhaps. Keep on top of this! Thanks, J.

  2. Coco, did you catch the Mark Levin interview of Gloria Allred? April Gavaza has it here.

  3. Allred pulled the same sort of thing when
    Schwarzenegger was running for governor, coming up with actreses that made unsubstantiated charges of sexual misconduct at the last minute.
    This steaming pile is no different. Whitman was the victim of fraud here and let's hope the voters can see as much and leave Allred's pal, Jerry Brown, out in the cold. After he uses the weight of his office to go after Diaz Santillion for fraud, identity theft, and a host of other charges, of course.

    For people not following very closely, Whitman hired an employee from an employment agency. That agency asked the employee for proof of ID and work eligibility, which the employee provided. Those documents turned out to be fake, and the employee was committing identity theft against the American citizen that was given that SSN. Furthermore, Whitman check the documents herself and kept copies for her records. If Whitman rejected documents that she believed to be false or demanded additional documentation she could have been held liable under the law for a lawsuit and damages due to unlawful discrimination.

    "Employers may not, on the basis of citizenship status or national origin, request more or different documents than are required to verify employment eligibility and identity, reject reasonably genuine-looking documents or specify certain documents over others. U.S. citizens and all work authorized immigrants are protected from document abuse...
    As long as the documents are allowed by law and appear to be genuine on their face and to relate to the person, they should be accepted. Not to do so may constitute unlawful discrimination."

    In the same publication--"Accept documents that appear to be genuine. You are not expected to be a document expert, and establishing the authenticity of a document is not your responsibility..."

    Thus the letter from the SS Administration SHOULD have been passed along to Ms. Diaz Santillion so that she could straighten out the matter.

    Here's a link to the ID the maid did offer--a SS card and a CA DRivers License.

  4. And in discovering it in June of 2009, Ms. Whitman appears to have attempted to let her go quietly and not involve the authorities in the matter, though she would be justified to be angry over the Diaz's attempts to deceive her, and the implications the entire matter might have in her desire to run for governor. She appears to have been concerned for the well being of Ms Diaz, all of which is utterly lost upon the giddy Ms. Allred.