Sunday, October 10, 2010

Asymetric Warfare Explained

Commenting on Osama Bin Laden's recent audio address to the world at large, and the knee jerk reaction it engendered from the US Government and the Western powers in Europe, George Jonas made a plea for sanity to be instilled into the West's response to the Islamic threat.
"Since terrorists win by blowing up airplanes, buildings and trains, many people assume that whenever they fail to blow up anything, they lose. Unfortunately, this isn't so. Terrorists don't have to blow up anything to win. They win by reducing travellers to Alcatraz inmates. They win by turning free countries into police states."
Technology and ever greater efforts to screen people while taking no allowance to rely on human judgment plays directly into the hands of those that would subdue us, apparently as noticed by everyone, all the while allowing real threats to pass through unhindered.
"Authorities that waste time confiscating toiletries from Miami matrons had cheerfully waved aboard (1) a 23-year-old Muslim male (2) from Nigeria (3) travelling without luggage, (4) who had purchased a one-way ticket with cash at the airport, (5) was already on a terrorist watch list and (6) had been denounced by his own father for being a radical. What could a $100,000 full body scanner tell officials about a man who all but had "suicide bomber" pasted on his forehead?

Body-scanning without profiling passengers for ethnicity, religion and, especially, behaviour is a waste. Technology may supplement common sense; it can't supplant it."
Unfortunately Mr. Jonas, arming ourselves with common sense is a weopon we have decided is too dangerous to be allowed in the fight against Islamic extremists.


  1. No matter how many times that Bozo in the blue gloves pats this gal down, he is not going not make her flight any safer. It is the appearance of measures taken for the sake of security which in fact make no one safe.

  2. Sure that's a "he" patting that woman down?
    I don't know if this makes her flight safer but it makes mine more interesting.

    You can't see me because I'm behind the photographer shouting "Do it again!"

    Of course political correctness has to stay in the furthest remote parking area of the airport.
    Counter-sue groups trying to throw a monkey wrench into the process.

  3. Political correctness drives the security measures taken, and results in enormous inefficiencies, with costs in time, both for the traveler and the security detail. If resources and time were limitless, it would still be foolish. Just take a look at the al-Soofi episode.

    It doesn't bode well.

  4. And the girls don't really go for the whole 'pat down' procedure... nor do they go for the guys leering over the counter, taking photos.

    Just saying...

  5. Great points, if I were serious.
    Thinking about a spot on The View Jim?

  6. I know that.

    I'm just sure...Darrell, leering over the counter while the whole pat down thing goes down, snapping off photos with his Nikon with telephoto zoom lens, so he can pick up all the details of the look of disdain on the young ladies face...