Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dems Monkey Around With Electoral Process

Democrats messing with the election process is on the rise, as noted in a piece by Jack Cashill and reported at Emerging Corruption.Com

A conservative Democrat and former naval aviator by the name of Will Royster lost his primary bid last August to DNC party man John Rizzo for an open seat in a largely Democrat district.

“If we won’t allow Somali pirates to hijack our ships, why do we allow them to hijack our elections?”

Royster has experienced this paradox up close. It was his election that was hijacked, specifically the August 3 Democratic primary for the 40th district Missouri State House seat.

The piece goes on to detail multiple episodes of Somali immigrants being told to vote for Rizzo, or having their ballots filled out for them. Result: Rizzo wins! Rizzo wins!

It is a pattern of behavior that undermines our electoral system. Having an illegal ballot count in an election is as bad as not counting a valid ballot. With this going on, what faith can we have that the government represents the people?

"At the most recent court hearing, five election judges testified on Royster’s behalf. No one challenged their testimony, but Judge Stephen Nixon refused to rule in Royster’s favor. Although conceding the various violations, the judge attributed the failure to the seemingly benign error of the election judges. Royster understands something about the value of citizenship. He flew 43 missions over Iraq in Desert Storm and left the Navy only after being injured when ejecting from a crippled plane.

“With all due respect to Judge Nixon,” said Royster, “I respectfully disagree with his decision to decriminalize election fraud and voter fraud in the state of Missouri.”


  1. Several States missed the Sept. 19th deadline to mail out overseas absentee ballots, including those going to military personnel. Illinois, New York, and New Mexico have so far been identified, and with tight races projected, the absentee ballots might have been the deciding factor. With military votes trending Republican, Democrats benefit from the tardiness. Coincidentally, of course. One might note that Democrats control most local election boards.

  2. On this topic, too, I notice constant projection and reverse psychology. No talking point was as emphatically stated by the Dems as was the canard that Bush stole the election of 2000 with hanging chads. Yet on balance, the Dems steal countless more votes -- and elections. Which by the way Bush didn't even steal.

    On a separate note, I got your note about Perez Hilton. My dear blogger Persianne mentioned this in her most recent post, but alas, I've been so busy I haven't been able to reply to you. Coco Rico feels bad whenever he cannot respond to James Nicholas, so I apologize. I'm just swamped because my manuscript has to be finalized this week for Rowman & Littlefield to have it by Oct 27th.

  3. Coco, you guys are blazing over there. This is a tiny little blog on the outskirts of the blogosphere.

    The manuscript sounds great, and yet you and your team are still peeling off posts - some 220 in September alone - and they are funny, insightful and interesting to read. Check in any time.

    Good on ya.

    And thanks, both you guys, for commenting.

  4. The Green Party in Illinois is running a guy named Rich Whitney for governor and since the Green Party is Left, logic would say that he would siphon off votes from the Democratic candidate who is in a tight race. But fortunately a mistake was made listing Whitney's name as "Whitey"---"Rich Whitey"--on the ballots and electronic voting machines. They are printing out handouts and fixing the electronic machines, but I suspect that Rich Whitey won't do well in all Wards, especially within the city of Chicago. We have early voting and the correction wasn't made for that.