Monday, October 18, 2010

Mitch Greenlick On Reckless Course

Greenlick amongst his base - Federal Employee union members.
If ever there was a time to turn out a big government statist, this would be it. The state is struggling with 12% unemployment, the public employee retirement system is devouring what revenues the state can produce, and Mitch Greenlick wants more taxes and more state mandated healthcare programs. He is Oregon's own Captain Edward Smith, standing on the bridge of the Titanic. He knows the iceberg damaged the ship, but he insists on steaming on into the night, into an uncertain and perilous future.

Mitch Greenlick is an unmitigated disaster. His policies are killing our state, and are pushed upon us with little regard to the will of the people. Case in point would be the recent additional 60 cent cigarette tax Greenlick burdened the citizens of Oregon with. "I am fully ready to take on the tobacco industry" Greenlick said "Their product kills people." Yeah, well outlaw it then, Mitch. It is such a specious argument. You are not taxing the tobacco companies, Merwyn, you're taxing the people that like to smoke, and you are saying that it is for them to carry the burden of supplying the funds for your healthcare scheme. It's criminal. And this, despite the fact that the very same proposal was brought before the Oregon voters in 2007, and the voters rejected it. That didn't trouble Merwyn any. In 2009 the Dems had a super majority in both houses, so they didn't have to trouble with getting the approval of the people that live in his state. What an ass.

Vote for new blood.. a bright young man who is concerned about the will of the people and who will stop further taxation and governmental expansion.

Vote Michael Bieker for State House District 33.

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