Monday, October 18, 2010

Can Oregon Afford Another Term With Mitch Greenlick?

Oregon deserves a brighter future.
The simple answer is 'No.'

The question is will the people of District 33 have the where with all to figure that out for the rest of the state. With unemployement rising, the economy stifled and Greenlick looking to continue his penchant to increase government regulation and increase taxation, there is hope that the light of day will break thru the liberal gloom of Northwest Portland and its near surrounds.


  1. I think Bieker himself would be a great improvement. I hope the people of District 33 realize that as well, and avoid re-instating that lover of massive government bureaucracies and heavy handed governmental regulation, Merwyn Greenlick.

  2. I sent in my vote this morning for Mitch Greenlick. I hope he gets re-elected as he is doing a great job in Salem.

  3. Mitch Greenlick is certainly doing a great job in Salem at killing our economy. If you had kids anonymous, you may be more concerned....