Sunday, October 10, 2010

Donna Brazile To Stir Things Up

The nation is losing it's patience with the Democrat party, whose penchant for meddling with the election process is repeated every two years. In the face of ACORN Voter Registration scandels, New Black Panther intimidation activities, the movement to non-citizen voter registration and the bi-annual voting of the dead in Chicago extended as a nationwide Democrat policy initiative, the latest from Donna Brazile is that trouble is coming:
"If these Tea Partiers win, they'll come to Washington with this agenda: Stop President Obama, and stick it to the middle class. They're campaigning exactly how they'll govern — with misleading information and wild-eyed distortions, personal invective and rampant vitriol."
Right. Sounds like a tad bit of projection to me.

With a tip of the hat to Sissy Willis of SISU.


  1. This is indicative of the Democrats' total intellectual bankruptcy. I've been monitoring cyberspace a while, as a shield for possible October surprises, and the experience made me realize something important -- The Democrats have planted so many mines in their own battlefields, by constantly relying on ad hominem attacks and scandals to win elections.

    They made everyone hysterical about the Iraq War and harped on there being no WMDs, in total ignorance of the other important rationales to justify what happened in 2003. Then, years later, they find themselves trapped in Afghanistan and facing the growing annoyance of millions of veterans who feel like their important contributions have been derided with no apparent commitment to a real improvement in their condition.

    They made everyone hysterical about homosexuals by calling Republicans fags for months on end in 2006, outing conservative after conservative in a filthy mudslinging catfight over control of Congress. It worked -- people voted in a Democrat Congress. Now it's four years later and the outing tactics, which the Dems popularized, are driving young men to kill themselves, while the Congress has proved ineffectual and corrupt. They have no way to talk themselves out of this, meanwhile Ann Coulter is being revealed as the pro-gay figure she is and Rush is inviting Elton John to sing at his wedding. If gays are still Democrats at this point, they have been lobotomized.

    They made people hysterical about Republican racism. Meanwhile, illegal immigration hasn't improved and attacks against Hispanics have increased exponentially during the time of Democrats controlling all of Washington. Under Bush the number of Hispanic college graduates doubled. Black unemployment was at its lowest between 2001 and 2008, in an entire century. Democrats have nothing to run on, except more appeals to race-baiting, which people of all colors are vomiting out of their system.

    They made people crazy about abortion, and justified Bill Clinton's sexual abuse of his female interns as well as people calling Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin "cunts," based on the notion that the best thing for women is to keep Democrat men in office who are willing to make abortion as prevalent and accessible as possible. Now Americans are feeling the effects of nearly 40 years of legal abortion, and they find that women are treated with less respect by men who want a cheap out for the consequences of their lechery, than by men who are traditional but willing to stick with women who get pregnant (like Todd Palin).

    It's hopeless. I feel pity for the Democrats. They are like troglodytes now, crawling in the primordial filth of a swamp they contaminated.

  2. "Now Americans are feeling the effects of nearly 40 years of legal abortion, and they find that women are treated with less respect by men who want a cheap out for the consequences of their lechery.."

    That Roxeanne de Luca I linked you to a while back had similar things to say, about her own interactions with men these days who expect abortion is the way out for them, and pressure their dates not only for sex but for abortion on their demand. That's pretty screwed up.

    Anyway, thanks for the comment Coco. That's a pretty good riff you had going there. I knew that was the general direction of your posts at The Wild West Coconut Show. That would make a pretty good post right there. : )

  3. Brazile is a moron. She cost Gore the 2000 race-- although that's a good thing, she seems to always be wrong.

  4. I think AL Gore pretty much cost himself the race, but certainly there is blame to go around. The guy was a piece of wood. He droned on and on, paraded around behind GW at the debates and generally made an ass of himself, and there was always something about him that struck one as phoney... like that over the top smooch of his poor wife, Tipper. Does a loving husband make a prop out of his wife? What, he was saying, look, I'm no Bill Clinton? Well, we didn't need the smooch to know that, AL.

  5. "with misleading information and wild-eyed distortions, personal invective and rampant vitriol"

    The dems never get challenged for those types of slurs.

    No, Al is no Bill but, here in TN, it is said that he is much much worse. There's always swirls of gossip around Nashville about what nonsense he's up to next....and him chuggin' down the river spewing emissions from his nice boat...but he has carbon offsets, so he's good. Not to mention his big house where only he and Tipper lived, with a light bill that's more in ONE month than mine is all year.

    I also think he's getting pretty even with Bill. Sexual scandals, lying to the American people, cheating the American people, ...its racking up!

  6. "The dems never get challenged for those types of slurs."

    Yes, and the fact is that is how they routinely govern. It is in fact the hallmark of their efforts to "reach across the isle". Personal invective, wild eyed distortions, misleading information. That's mother's milk to guys like Harry Reid and Barack Obama. Even den mother Nancy Pelosi lives and breathes on this stuff. Elsa's recent post over at that crazy blog pavilion The Wild West Coconut Show underscored the ready ease with which Democrats embrace everything Donna Brazile was claiming Republicans would do if they ever got in power. They live it, they own it.

    As to AL trying to come out of Big Bill's shadow, is that what the whole massage thing was about, here in Portland? Trying to assert his alpha maleness by taking advantage of people that cannot easily say no? Sounds about right. Of course, to guys like me that is the mark of a weak man, not a strong one. Too bad AL never figured that out growing up.

    Thanks for the comment, Goose.