Saturday, October 9, 2010

Mark Steyn Returns

After weeks away and a very long, dry summer of recovery, people are starting to go a little bazerk with the news: Mark Steyn has returned from his trips abroad gathering up Sappho awards and the like, and has resumed his weekly stops at the Hugh Hewitt Show, where he had this to share:
"I think at this stage, it’s very hard to rally Democrats, because I think a lot of them recognize, I think a lot of them are actually ashamed of what happened in 2008. It’s fascinating to me, I was driving earlier today through a little liberal enclave of New Hampshire. And I do not recall in any electoral cycle seeing so few Democratic Party signs. I mean normally, the Democrats in that particular town outnumber the Republican candidate signs very considerably. The Democrat signs are conspicuous by their absence. And I think people understand that they were taken for a ride in 2008."
Right. It's the man's infectious laughter I love, as much as the keen insight and cutting commentary. Read the rest here.

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