Sunday, October 3, 2010

Where is Gloria Allred When You Need Her?

She's quick to show up when the gals who took a romp in the Woods are looking for an 'apology' from the famous golfer, or when a buxom Citibank worker claims she was fired because she was 'too hot'.  She's even there when a former maid is looking to get her travel expenses from a year ago back.  But where is Gloria Allred when you really need her?

Recently fired news anchor Rick Sanchez may be wondering just that very question.  Certainly he had some issues with the termination of his employment, but Ms. Allred's glowing face, complete with Cheshire cat like grin were no where to be seen.

Coco Rico has some sharp criticism of the media response in his Tale of Two Offended Latinos:
The reason for the different responses is obvious:

1. Latinos who can't speak articulately operate on the level of pathos and can be used by liberals for dramatic effect. Meg Whitman's former maid has little control over what's being discussed. The Democrats can use her like a tool before they throw her away later on. Rick Sanchez is educated and well spoken; there is no way to manipulate him in the same way.

2. Latinos who have a grievance against someone coded as conservative are quickly given a special status. Latinos who have a grievance against someone coded as "liberal" are seen as traitors and destroyed.
That's on the money. Read the rest here.


  1. Gloria personally deconstructed the myth surrounding her skill set with her appearance on the Mark Levin Show. I would bet that a lot of opponents will see her in court from now on, rather than settling.

    How amny of Diaz Santillion's realtives arehere illegally? I've read the number may be as high as eighteen. If we enforced immigration law in this country, Ms Allred's time would be well spent signing up all of them as clients pro-bono before they sue her for the legal problems she heaped on them.

    Now someone should inform Ms Diaz Santillion that there is a spot on the 1040 that allows you to recoup unreimbursed employee auto expenses for those that have to use their cars in their work. Assuming you file taxes, of course. As for any employers out there, for near $50,000/yr, I will gladly pick up a few things from the store on my way to your home...even wave the right to retain Ms Allred. Just sayin'.

  2. Yeah, that Mark Levin interview was killer. The methodically probing questions, the evasive answers and spin spiels.. it was too much!

    What in the world does Gloria Allred hope to gain for her client by recouping the travel expenses? Did Ms. Santillion ever ask Ms. Whitman to cover those costs of her employment? How did Ms. Santillion ever even come to be aware that that was a reimbursable expense?

    This looks very much like Ms. Santillion was gotten hold of by a lawyer and probed to see if there was any avenue by which Ms. Whitman could be attacked, and then she was used to attack her, with little regard to the consequences for Ms. Santillion.

    Deplorable behavior, which underscores the way liberals actually deal with real people. They use them and cast them aside.