Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Steven Portnoy Aghast Over Limbaugh Tax Comments

ABC News reporter Steven Portnoy is aghast to discover Rush Limbaugh critical of the president.  Yes, the man who has been called everything under the sun by the likes of Portney has been chided as having gone too far:
Obama, Limbaugh says, is an "economic ignoramus" for not understanding how a "tax increase" on the wealthy won't stimulate growth.  Quoting an AP article from yesterday, Limbaugh pointed out Obama’s remarks at a meeting of his Economic Recovery Advisory Board that the wealthy would “take our ball and go home” if their tax cuts aren’t extended.

Limbaugh then addressed the following line to the president directly:

“Mr. Obama, our imam-child, they have already taken their trillion dollar ball home, and they’re sitting on it, you jackass.”
Damn straight.

Listen, Portnoy, don't worry about it.  Mr. Obama has to be aware that people are going to be critical of him, seeing as how he has plunged the nation into crushing debt, destabilized the world market and taken over large sections of private industry.

Moreover, Limbaugh's right.  Why do you think businesses are fiscally cautious these days?  If there is one thing markets do not like, it's instability.  With Obamonomics, we've got instability the likes of which we haven't seen since the thirties.  Despite this, the president continues to make ill considered, inane comments on tax policy and our crippled economy.

Rush Limbaugh can't raise taxes or change your health coverage.  Stop worrying about what people are saying about the president, and start worrying about what the president is saying and doing.

That's what Limbaugh's doing.


  1. Woo hoo!
    Well said, well said.

    Rush is just a harmless little fuzzball.

  2. Mind you, he doesn't say that Limbaugh is wrong. Just rude.

  3. I thought Portnoy's Compliant referred to something else entirely.

  4. For heaven's sake, I can't take any of these complaints seriously given how much the pro-Obama camp harped on everything about Bush they could attack, whether or not the complaints were true and whether or not the tone was professional. Puh-leeze! I just finished a piece comparing the liberal position on gay issues in 2006 versus today -- similar backtracking and amnesia.

  5. Not only can you not take it seriously, it's is yet another case where the media is focused on the wrong item. Who cares?

    Given the state of affairs, why would this be considered important?

    "Hey Jim, your house is burning down all around you and the kids are locked upstairs. Oh, and I think you're a jack ass."