Monday, October 11, 2010

Dick Cheney Speaks With Wife Before Ten Thousand Well Wishers

Dick Cheney was in Bakersfield, California last weekend, where he granted an 'interview' to his wife Lynn before an audience of ten thousand well wishers.

Mr. Cheney's political career has included working with four Republican presidents. A playful Mrs. Cheney asked,
"So who's your favorite?"
To which he replied:
"I got to work for all those presidents because I never said who was my favorite."

His proudest accomplishment came because of something that didn't happen: The nation did not suffer another devastating terrorist attack in the years following Sept. 11.
He stated his greatest fear was a nuclear weapon in the hands of terrorists.
"We came to the point that we could no longer treat terrorist attacks as a simple law enforcement problem," he told the appreciative crowd. "They were an act of war."

That's the sound of a reasonable man speaking.

It's a pity the Democrats were so focused on gaining power, and that their tactic to that end was to undermine the nation's confidence in good men like Dick Cheney.

Dick Cheney loves his country. He has served it well.

God bless and keep him and his family.


  1. To be married forty-six years is a tremendous credit to them both, but then to be able to still say things to your wife that she truly is tickled to hear - that would really be something. Politics aside, he and his wife Lynne are remarkable for their love, care and commitment.

    Just look at him gazing over at her... the understanding, warmth and love.

    This is a man I truly admire.

  2. I've never seen him look so old and tired. He is
    in my prayers. We all are lucky that people like him are willing to step forward and serve selflessly for so many years. I hope he knows how much we appreciate his service.