Sunday, October 17, 2010

Michael Bieker Offers Oregon House District 33 New Direction

After seven years in the Oregon legislature, Mitch Greenlick has expanded taxes, legislated financial obligations on private industry, destroyed the recovery program that aided Oregon's physicians in need, and helped to place the state into a two billion dollar financial hole.  A true believer in 'Better living through better government', Mr. Greenlick thoroughly bought into the idea that  'More is better'.  More committees, more regulations, more tax funded programs...enough to choke a pig.

Come November Oregonians in District 33 will have an opportunity to turn control of the state back to the people. 

Michael Bieker is a newcomer to politics.  A small business owner and entrepreneur, he is well aware of the drubbing small businesses have taken over the past few years, with declining business due to the poor economy, coupled with increased taxation and regulation from statist bureaucrats like Mitch Greenlick.  Mr. Bieker has pledged to vote against any further inceases in state income generation schemes, whether it be efforts at increasing taxes, increasing fees, or the increasing the costs accessed for tickets and fines.  Mr. Bieker is bright and well spoken, with ideas that are centered on limiting government intrusion, not expanding it as we have suffered from so much in the past.  Young Mr. Bieker is a breath of fresh air.  It is my great pleasure to recommend to you Michael Bieker to represent Oregon House District 33.


  1. The wife's cute. And so is the little guy.

  2. I would like to suggest that anyone who wants to honor the memory of Heather Snively (who's killer was recently convicted), vote for Michael Bieker over Mitch Greenlick.

    When the Oregon House Bill 3505, which was prompted by the murder of Ms. Snively for the baby within her womb, only one person voted against it: Mitch Greenlick. Not only did he vote against it, but he gave a speech opposing it in which he stated "Murder of a pregnant woman is terrible, but so is murder of a tall woman, a short woman, a left-handed woman or a right-handed woman"

    I don't totally disagree with his point; but, this legislation was essentially modeled after "hate crime" statutes, of which Greenlick is a staunch supporter. One could easily replace the tall, short, lefty and righty with African-American, Hispanic, gay and Jewish. It leaves one to ask what motivated his vote against HB 3505.

  3. And the answer would be that he refuses to see life in the womb as life. The unborn baby in the womb of its mother is a non-entity in the world of Mitch Greenlick. Typical liberal position, whether he believes that tripe or not.

    Look, Deke, any reason to vote this guy out is a good reason in my book. He is a very destructive person, and the damage is the result of his excessive faith in his own ability to make the world better through bigger government. He has far to much faith in the ability of government to regulate and legislate a better tomorrow, and in his arrogant, bumbling way he is wreaking a lot of pain and suffering on the people of this state. The fact that he is inconsistent is no surprise. The man is all over the map in a number of places, but the one place he is absolutely consistent in is his belief in government. He thinks he can make a difference through writing more and more regulation, setting up more and more law, taking a hand in everything. The man sponsored the House Bill requiring the University of Oregon to interview minority candidates for coaching positions. Whether the Universty of Oregon should interview any given candidate should be the decision of the University, and the government of the state of Oregon should have no place in the decision process. Mitch Greenlick does not see why it is a bad thing for the government to be inserting itself into the lives of the governed. That's a big problem.

    Mike Bieker is for limited government, limited taxation, greater freedom.

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