Saturday, October 9, 2010

What's that, Jimmy?

Former President Jimmy Carter raised some eyebrows recently when he claimed that his post-presidency has been superior to those of other living former presidents. A poll of Newsweek Internet users came up with a different result:

Who do you think has been the best former president?

Former President George W. Bush 50.5%

Former President George H.W. Bush 30.42%

Former President Bill Clinton 13.12%

Jimmy Carter 5.96%

Don't worry. Help is coming, Jimmy!


  1. This stuff must really grate on Jimmy Carter. And on the basis of his post presidential actions...

    he deserves every bit of it.

  2. Jimmy, why not just remove yourself from the national stage, return to peanut farming. Peanut farming was good for you.

    There is nothing wrong with withdrawing from public life and returning to life as an ordinary citizen. Look at Gerry Ford. Look at Ronald Reagan. George H. W. Bush. GW. None of those men had their lives so wound up in politics that they couldn't walk away from it.

    The last Democrat that was man enough to pull that off was Lyndon Baines Johnson.