Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Steyn Drops By

Back from his tour of the Scandinavian countries, blog fav Mark Steyn dropped by to leave us a few remarks at his website. Commenting on the disappearance of Molly Norris, the Seattle area cartoonist who proposed the Draw Mohammad Day cartoon fest, then backed out of her own event when she discovered that Islamists do not hold the same views about freedom of speech as we do. On the advice of the FBI, she now has gone into hiding and changed her identity.

If you want to measure the decline in western civilization's sense of self-preservation, go back to Valentine's Day 1989, get out the Fleet Street reports on the Salman Rushdie fatwa, and read the outrage of his fellow London literati at what was being done to one of the mainstays of the Hampstead dinner-party circuit. Then compare it with the feeble passivity of Molly Norris' own colleagues at an American cartoonist being forced to abandon her life: "There is no more Molly"? That's all the gutless pussies of The Seattle Weekly can say?"

Love that guy. Read the rest here.

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