Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Warmists feel the heat

The latest to abandon on the global warming front is one George Monboit of the Guardian.

"The e-mails extracted by a hacker from the climatic research unit at the University of East Anglia could scarcely be more damaging.

There appears to be evidence here of attempts to prevent scientific data from being released, and even to destroy material that was subject to a freedom of information request.

Worse still, some of the emails suggest efforts to prevent the publication of work by climate sceptics, or to keep it out of a report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. I believe that the head of the unit, Phil Jones, should now resign."


It would be one thing if the theorists on global warming were working out the details of the curious cyclical ice ages the planet has experienced sixteen times over the past two million years. It would be an interesting discussion, and they could argue amongst themselves to their hearts content, just as Stephen Hawkins and his fellow theroists argue about unifying theories and multiple dimensions.

But these fellows have brought their idea into the political sphere which impacts you and me, and the idea they brought was a whopper: "The activities we have undertaken to improve our lives will result in the end of the world"

Lord Christopher Monckton has written a biting criticism of his countrymen, as seen here.

"Worse, these arrogant fraudsters — for fraudsters are what we now know them to be — have refused, for years and years and years, to reveal their data and their computer program listings. Now we know why: As a revealing 15,000-line document from the computer division at the Climate Research Unit shows, the programs and data are a hopeless, tangled mess. In effect, the global temperature trends have simply been made up. Unfortunately, the British researchers have been acting closely in league with their U.S. counterparts who compile the other terrestrial temperature dataset — the GISS/NCDC dataset. That dataset too contains numerous biases intended artificially to inflate the natural warming of the 20th century.

Finally, these huckstering snake-oil salesmen and “global warming” profiteers — for that is what they are — have written to each other encouraging the destruction of data that had been lawfully requested under the Freedom of Information Act in the UK by scientists who wanted to check whether their global temperature record had been properly compiled. And that procurement of data destruction, as they are about to find out to their cost, is a criminal offense."

That being the case, perhaps it is time we slow down the race to destroy the economy.

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  1. Yep, and looking at Jay Curries site, I enjoyed his comment to the effect (regarding Monbiot)when the cheerleaders walk off the field, the game is over.

    I see you got around to Monckton too.

    I was curious as to his input into all this too.