Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Andy Griffith Show

Every now and again Sheriff Taylor would leave the Sheriff's office in the capable hands of his ambitious and industrious assistant, Barney Fife, with the usual comedic result: innocent people brow beaten and locked up, bank robbers inadvertently set free, and a huge mess created which Andy invariably would have to clean up, usually with the comment: "Thanks Barne”.

“Nervous traders transferred the focus of their anxieties from the risk of companies failing to the risk of nation states defaulting.”

Traders are now worried that whole nations will default on their loans. That makes for a very unstable and unpredictable economy. Hard to believe this international economic collapse was touched off by people like Christopher Dodd and Barney Frank.

You see, these two huckleberries did some thinking. And they thought it would be a great idea for government to be in the banking business. And tell you what, they also thought it their duty as representatives of the people to pressure banks to make loans that the banks ordinarily would not consider. You know, too risky they said. Well Barney fixed all that and next thing you know:


This is what you get when people with little experience and no sense are allowed to monkey with an industry they know nothing about.

Thanks Barne.


  1. Thomas Sowell has addressed this issue as well, as quoted here:

    "No one pushed these reckless mortgage lending policies more than Rep. Barney Frank, who brushed aside warnings about risk, and said in 2003 that he wanted to “roll the dice” even more in the housing markets."

    He's a big dice roller, Barney Frank is. What an ass.

  2. Speaking of housing issues:

    You just LOVE this one too...