Monday, November 16, 2009

This is bizarre

I was just investigating why my name was appearing as a web address on Miss Carnivorous' blog site, when suddenly...I have a blog. Well, this may be useful in the future. We shall see.


  1. My thoughts exactly.

    But I have to say, that's nifty blog name to get things started.

  2. Too late. Being followed now. Congrats!

  3. Yes, thanks Wakefield.

    Hey, what's up with the Chairmen Mao tag. Commemorating the President's visit to China?

  4. Just a little snicker mostly to myself to remind me of the wondrous ways of Chairperson Anita and the other little Mao-skiteers in this amazingly loving, compassionate, and extraordinarily dumb administration.

    I was mocking on my blogger profile how (apparently) either Anita is a liar or she just thinks Mao was some guy who worked in a village inn and led the Revolution in making a really great Peking Duck Sauce!

  5. ... and some men have greatness thrust upon them. :)

  6. And to that I must yield forth the namesake reply:

    What the...?! :)

    Thanks, Cath!

  7. when suddenly...I have a blog


    ... and some men have greatness thrust upon them

    I forget sometimes you can't hear the part in my head...


  8. It's the 'greatness' part that sets me to coughing.

    The story above, however, is true.

    I had been signing in to leave comments on a number of blogger sites without realizing that somehow I had triggered their blog creation process.

    There was this clever gal who goes by the name 'Miss Carnivorous' that had left a few comments over at April's, so Wakes and I checked in to return the favor, and my name over there was presented as a link.

    What is this, I wondered, clicked on it and .... What the....?!

    Thus began my career as a blogger, such as it is.

  9. Still a good name for a blog.

    The Jedi held that nothing is who knows.....LOL