Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Warren on the Wickedness of Treachery

"Can there be such a thing as treason?" is a question posed by David Warren in an interesting piece titled Wikid. It seems the notions of loyalty have been badly blurred by our multicultural society, to the point where it is not clear in the minds of the people whether or not they owe any loyalty to anything.
"The total hypocrisy of the [New York] Times has been exposed by several of my right-wing colleagues, who have juxtaposed the paper's various self-justifications. The Times smugly refused, for instance, to print or link any "Climategate" revelations of a global warming scam, because "the documents appear to have been acquired illegally," and "were never intended for the public eye." But when an opportunity arises to publish potentially devastating state secrets, they do so without hesitation "in the public interest." And the smugness is the same."
"And the smugness is the same." I love that.

There is a question of whether or not our government itself as administered by the current democrat administration is not treasonous on several levels, as is illustrated in its rather soft response to Julian Assange. Read the whole thing here


  1. Thank you for highlighting once again why I love Warren's writing.

  2. Thanks, Elsa. Yes, David Warren is a real pleasure to read.

  3. I love to read him as well ... I just don't care to listen to him speak. I'm not one of those American who swoons over a (vaguely) British accent; they generally put me off, in fact.