Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb Sound Off

The president's National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform, headed by Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson have sounded off:
The plan calls for sweeping tax changes that would affect millions of Americans, including trimming or doing away with many popular tax breaks such as the home mortgage deduction.
Although prospects for the plan are unclear, the attention it has received has helped awaken the nation to the depth of the economic hole the country is in and the need for bold action to dig out, suggested Bowles.

"The American people get it now. People want this to happen," Bowles said.
Nope. The American people are well aware of the problem Mr. Bowles, as any attention at all to the nation's politics would have told you. Do you not recall the Tea Party movement? It wasn't about tea, Mr. Bowles, and your commission did not bring attention to runaway Federal spending. The response of the American people was to throw out the Democrates from control of the congress, and if they could they would have thrown out Obama as well.
While the deficit commission grappled with longer-term economic woes, congressional Democrats and Republicans worked separately to strike a deal with the White House on a more immediate financial issue: extending Bush-era tax cuts that expire Dec. 31. And despite talk of finding common ground, neither side seemed willing to yield much as negotiations began with Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and Budget Director Jacob Lew.
Raising taxes when the nation is struggling will not help the recovery. Tell Timmy Geithner that keeping tax rates as they are will not cost the government anything. He can work out why on his own. It is stability that we need, and the longer those bozos are clowning around and mucking up the future the longer we all will suffer for it.
Both Democrats and Republicans seem willing to extend most of the tax cuts. But Democrats want to let cuts for the wealthiest Americans expire, citing damage to the federal deficit from lost revenue as a main argument.
What a bunch of thick headed dolts. We do not have a taxation problem, congressional Democrats, we have a SPENDING PROBLEM.

You guys are the big spenders, huge spenders, biggest the world has ever seen.  As Mark Steyn points out, you not only have outspent the nation's economy, you've outspent the world's economy.  We're sick of it!

You and the White House need to get that through your thick skulls.


  1. The president's National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform... isn't that a non sequitur, right out of the box? I mean, doesn't that just strike one as grossly incongruent?

    I don't know...

  2. Say the right words. Do whatever the Hell you want. Time to have another closed-door meeting of the Government Transparency Committee. These clowns should spend the rest of their lives scrubbing toilets by hand in the nation's bus stations.

  3. With or without rubber gloves?

  4. Without. We want the TSA to have plenty of fresh gloves.

  5. Cathy wins this thread at 12:04! I won't say hands down, though.

    Sadly, in real life TSA agents don't change their gloves very often. And yes, they have been linked to the spread of disease. And yes, lawyers will have a grand time with that since the glove deliveries/orders don't match the passenger throughput. And yes, I expect TSA agents to begin having allergic reactions to latex that will place them on lifetime disability. Did you folks see that cute mom they put in the glass box for an hour because she knew the rules regarding expressed milk and they didn't? (And she had reported their ineptness the first time she had problems traveling). I suspect that they were waiting for her to act up so that they could arrest her. She outsmarted them again by being calm and doing everything they ordered her to do, including not stepping off a small rubber pad they had her on for a long time. She held her ground and would not let them x-ray the milk, though. She is my new personal hero.

  6. Hmm. Held in isolation. In full humiliating view of all passers-by. Forced to stand for over an hour. As if it were... an enhanced interrogation technique?

    And this was before they started searching us like prisoners.