Saturday, January 15, 2011

How many fingers am I holding up?

The pleasant smile of today's civil left.
The Venerable Bede has weighed in on the left's grotesque politicization of the Tuscon shooting, and he pierces through the political fog in his usual peerless manner:
This time, though, they've added a new flavour to their souffle of madness and bile. Their boiling hatred for the voices of America's popular Right has finally gone psychotic, with outright allegations of culpability in what, it could not be more painfully obvious, was the un-politically motivated action of a total whackadoodle with no political agenda or affiliations. The idea that this 22 year old loser, whose widely published ramblings and all anecdotal evidence show to be a typical counter-cultural internet conspiracist, and as far from the Republican stereotype as can be, might have been inspired by political reactionaries would be laughable if it were not released into a culture capable of taking it seriously.
And further along:
Like the supposed right wing bias in the media they're always going on about, the Left know damned well that the idea of militant conservatives inspiring violence is not merely untrue but the opposite of the truth...

Love that guy. Read the whole thing here.


  1. Bedes makes a whole host of really great points through that piece, the germination of any one of them in a post of mine would be something for me to be quite proud of.

  2. You are most heartily welcome, Bede!