Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Constitution of the United States

The House Republicans followed through on their promise to read the US Constitution in its entirety, over the objections of the House Democrats who had claimed it was a waste of their time.

I love the way the preamble begins, with the first three words so boldly: "We the People..." It is such a strong reminder that our nation is not a nation designed so that the government controls the people, but rather we are a nation whose people control their government.  It is the striking difference between our nation and all others that existed at its time. Over the last hundred years the growth of Federal powers and the ever increasing expansion of Federal regulatory agencies has placed into question the basis upon which this nation was founded. The love of power and the arrogant belief in big government is fully embraced by President Obama and his fellow Democrats in the Congress.

In the event, the reading was shared by both parties, though with markedly less enthusiasm on the part of the Democrats:
For the first hour of the recital the Republican side of the chamber was full, while far fewer Democrats occupied the other side.
Why am I not surprised?

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