Monday, January 17, 2011

Warren on 'Blood Libel'

David Warren has entered the discussion on the term 'Blood libel'.  In truth, he had entered it earlier when he used the expression in a column a few hours before Sarah Palin did the same, but it was the Palin comment that seems to have stirred up the lion's share of controversy.

Mr. Warren has a great wealth of knowledge at the ready, and his most recent column places the discussion in context:
"The rewriting of history is a necessary component of the world view in which the forces of "progress" are constantly warring with the forces of "reaction." It is necessary because, to make that view plausible at all, we must overlook the daisy chain of social, moral, demographic, fiscal, and associated disasters that have followed from triumphs of the left; and the retreat of traditional American values to what they ungenerously call "the flyover country."
Read the whole thing here.

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